Can Women Preach?

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Can women preach? Look, throughout the cannon of scripture, women have been
preaching, women have been teaching, and I know people are always saying,
“Well, the Bible says suffer not a woman to teach a man’ and in Corinthians
Paul said, “Let the women keep silent.” You ought to see that there’s a
contradiction somewhere when there was Anna, the prophetess.

Throughout the Bible women are teaching men, women are raising their sons
and raising nephews and grandsons and so forth. Timothy had his mother and
his grandmother, Eunice and Lois, the apostle Paul with that maiden, there
was a reference to Aquila and Priscilla, a husband and wife team. They
pulled Apollos to the side and taught him. Then there was also, well I
think I mentioned already, Anna the prophetess.

In the book of Luke, it is like Mary had prophesied when she had conceived,
and then Philip had four daughters who prophesied. They proclaimed, they
foretold, they spoke forth the word of God. Where people missed it is
simply in that Corinthians’ passage when Paul was telling them, 1st
Corinthians 14:34-35, he was telling them women keep silent.

You’ve got to understand that there are terms. The Greek word for women is
gyne, and it can represent a woman or a wife, but you’ve got to understand
the context because in the context it says, “Let your women keep silent,”
but then it goes on in the next verse and says but if they have any
questions to ask their husbands. So, he wasn’t saying that all women have
to be quiet. He is saying let them ask their husbands, and during that time
the men were the ones who went to school and got the education. And so,
they are the ones that should have known what the scriptures were saying.

When a man is out with his woman and they are at a church business meeting
or something, the man should represent and the woman should not be the one
standing up waving her neck with her hands on her hips talking and carrying
on. The brother man should be the one representing because it doesn’t even
look right anyway. But that is the only setting. It has nothing to do with
women can’t preach. Now, some churches have the separate pulpit and the
separate microphone for the women to go on and preach over there. Come on.
We’ve got to get off that. The anointing is spiritual. There is no gender.
It is not gender specific like unless you are a man you can be a pastor.

Some people don’t think that a woman can pastor. Yes, they can. Women have
been doing it for ages. Women have been missionaries, not just
missionaries, they’ve been acting as apostles, but people don’t want to
give them the proper credit for what the office really is. Yes, women can
preach, and there is a whole lot to this also but don’t ever think that a
woman can’t teach. Women are teaching men in Sunday school, raising the
boys up. They’ve been doing this for ages ever since time began, and man is
not the spiritual head of a woman. If the man is a spiritual head, the
woman has to go through that rascal to get saved, and she can’t do anything
unless the man says it’s OK. Come on. We’ve got to get better than that.

Brothers, don’t be so chauvinistic. Come on. Open up your mind and your
eyes. Women can preach. Women can teach. Women are anointed. It’s not about
gender. In Genesis 3 there was a seed of the woman. Women can speak forth
word. Women have seed and there is a whole lot more to it. I might come
back and do part two to this.