The Subject of Confrontations

by Admin

Have you ever had to confront and friend, co-worker or family member? Oftentimes due to fear of having a shady relationship, people just let the offense go. No, we don’t have to confront people on everything that doesn’t seem right to us, but one cannot live this life letting everybody disrespect them either. This is where confrontation is necessary. First think on whether it is worth it. How long will you have to be around this person? Will they affect your world negatively if you don’t “check” them right now? Is it an authority figure in your life? Oppression is not of God. You need boldness with a little tact. Out of love, honor and respect, let the individual know how you feel about what took place. Make sure your emotions are settled before you confront. We’ll never have peace in this world if we don’t confront attitudes, mistakes, disrespect or even “low life” thinkers. If your standards are higher, raise the people up around you. Never condescend or compromise your integrity for some uninformed, stupid, ignorant, proud and disrespectful person. The bible says, let those who are ignorant, remain ignorant. But if their ignorance is in your space and affecting your personal life, it must be confronted. We must balance the scriptures out. The word also says that if you see your brother at fault and don’t warn him, the blood will be required at your hand. In other words, your loved one or co-worker might be headed for a big fall and God wants to use you to show them a better way.  On the other hand, if people confront you regarding a matter, thank them. That is the only way clarity will manifest over a possible misunderstanding. At least you’ll have an opportunity to share what you really meant. Confront people in love and you’ll never lose. God has your back…………….peace


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