His Name is Jealous, Put Nothing Before Him

by Admin

Have you ever lost something of great value? Sometimes it’s because God allowed the enemy to take it. Exodus 34:14 tells us that God’s name is Jealous. He is a jealous God and has every right in the world to be. He created everything and also mankind for His good pleasure. He gave us the commandments saying to have no other gods before Me. Yet people get attached to their valuables, their delights, their most prized possessions and live as if they forgot where their blessings come from. If God created us for fellowship and His good pleasure, we should never neglect our time with Him. We should never allow anything to distract us to such a point where days, weeks, months have passed and we haven’t even acknowledged Him. He’s jealous when we spend more time on our hobbies, than with Him. He’s jealous when we forsake worship services because our recreational activity is more important. Remember when malls, businesses, little league sports and nearly the whole town was shut down simply because it was Sunday? When people begin worshipping the creature instead of the Creator there are consequences. By this, we frustrate God and walk out from under our protective covering. We make ourselves vulnerable to Satanic attacks on our money, health, materials and even children. God will protect you and your belongings, but He will also bring judgment to whom He wills and let the repercussions happen. Never let anything be more important to you than your relationship with the Almighty God. His name is Jealous, Put nothing before Him.

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