What Is The Purpose Of Water Baptism?

by Admin

Transcription via speechpad.com:

What is the purpose of water baptism? Water baptism helps you identify with
Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Baptism the word, in Greek, is
baptizo which means immersion. I know sometimes people sprinkle, and
sometimes a child might only be eight or nine months old and they would do
it that way. To me, that’s not right because a person should know and
understand what they’re doing when they get baptized in water. Because what
you’re doing is you’re standing above water, and then you’re identifying
yourself as to who you are right now. Then, you’re going underneath. You’re
dying to self, and then you come back up in resurrection and newness of
life. So, it helps you identify with Christ’s death, burial, and
resurrection. That’s what water baptism does.

Does it save you? No, no. Some people say that, well, you’re not saved
until you’re baptized in water. No, no, no you’re not. The baptism that
saves you is the salvation by the blood of Jesus when you’re baptized into
the body of Christ. That means immersed into the body of Christ. Then,
you’re saved. Water baptism does not save you. It’s only a type and shadow,
it has a significance to it, but it identifies you with Christ’s death,
burial, and resurrection. That’s what it does.

Before Jesus came, before we entered into this dispensation, people would
follow John’s baptism saying that when Christ comes we’re going to follow
him, but those who rejected Moses’ law on the testimony of two or three
witnesses would die without mercy. So, those who were following John were
saying. “Hey, when Jesus comes, we’re not with Moses’ law anymore. We’re
not following John anymore. We’re going to follow Jesus.” So, they were
saying, “Hey, I’m going to die to self. I’m going to go underneath. It’ll
be buried. Then, I’m going to come back in resurrection of newness of life.
That’s what it signifies. So, it’s something to proclaim to everybody, and
you should understand what you’re doing.

Parents can baptize their kids but the child, doesn’t know. I was baptized
at age ten. I didn’t know what happened. I needed to get baptized again in
my adult age when I knew what was going on, when I understood salvation.
So, that’s what it is. I know some might be saying, “Well, what about the
scripture and Peter talking about Noah and baptism.” Water baptism does not
save you. No. The blood of Jesus is what saves you. There was a man hung on
Calvary’s cross with Jesus, and he said, one said, “Lord remember me when
you come into your kingdom.” And Jesus said, “Today, you will be with me in
paradise,” and he never got baptized.

You don’t have to be water baptized to be saved, but it helps you identify
with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. That’s what you’re doing.
You’re signifying something to the whole world. You’re saying, “Hey, I’m
saved and I’m identifying with Christ. No longer of the world. No longer of
Moses’ law. That’s what this is all about. So, you want to be water
baptized, and tell a friend. Bring your loved ones. Bring them all to let
them see you do it, identify with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.