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What Is The Purpose Of Water Baptism?

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What is the purpose of water baptism? Water baptism helps you identify with
Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Baptism the word, in Greek, is
baptizo which means immersion. I know sometimes people sprinkle, and
sometimes a child might only be eight or nine months old and they would do
it that way. To me, that’s not right because a person should know and
understand what they’re doing when they get baptized in water. Because what
you’re doing is you’re standing above water, and then you’re identifying
yourself as to who you are right now. Then, you’re going underneath. You’re
dying to self, and then you come back up in resurrection and newness of
life. So, it helps you identify with Christ’s death, burial, and
resurrection. That’s what water baptism does.

Does it save you? No, no. Some people say that, well, you’re not saved
until you’re baptized in water. No, no, no you’re not. The baptism that
saves you is the salvation by the blood of Jesus when you’re baptized into
the body of Christ. That means immersed into the body of Christ. Then,
you’re saved. Water baptism does not save you. It’s only a type and shadow,
it has a significance to it, but it identifies you with Christ’s death,
burial, and resurrection. That’s what it does.

Before Jesus came, before we entered into this dispensation, people would
follow John’s baptism saying that when Christ comes we’re going to follow
him, but those who rejected Moses’ law on the testimony of two or three
witnesses would die without mercy. So, those who were following John were
saying. “Hey, when Jesus comes, we’re not with Moses’ law anymore. We’re
not following John anymore. We’re going to follow Jesus.” So, they were
saying, “Hey, I’m going to die to self. I’m going to go underneath. It’ll
be buried. Then, I’m going to come back in resurrection of newness of life.
That’s what it signifies. So, it’s something to proclaim to everybody, and
you should understand what you’re doing.

Parents can baptize their kids but the child, doesn’t know. I was baptized
at age ten. I didn’t know what happened. I needed to get baptized again in
my adult age when I knew what was going on, when I understood salvation.
So, that’s what it is. I know some might be saying, “Well, what about the
scripture and Peter talking about Noah and baptism.” Water baptism does not
save you. No. The blood of Jesus is what saves you. There was a man hung on
Calvary’s cross with Jesus, and he said, one said, “Lord remember me when
you come into your kingdom.” And Jesus said, “Today, you will be with me in
paradise,” and he never got baptized.

You don’t have to be water baptized to be saved, but it helps you identify
with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. That’s what you’re doing.
You’re signifying something to the whole world. You’re saying, “Hey, I’m
saved and I’m identifying with Christ. No longer of the world. No longer of
Moses’ law. That’s what this is all about. So, you want to be water
baptized, and tell a friend. Bring your loved ones. Bring them all to let
them see you do it, identify with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.


Can Women Preach?

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Can women preach? Look, throughout the cannon of scripture, women have been
preaching, women have been teaching, and I know people are always saying,
“Well, the Bible says suffer not a woman to teach a man’ and in Corinthians
Paul said, “Let the women keep silent.” You ought to see that there’s a
contradiction somewhere when there was Anna, the prophetess.

Throughout the Bible women are teaching men, women are raising their sons
and raising nephews and grandsons and so forth. Timothy had his mother and
his grandmother, Eunice and Lois, the apostle Paul with that maiden, there
was a reference to Aquila and Priscilla, a husband and wife team. They
pulled Apollos to the side and taught him. Then there was also, well I
think I mentioned already, Anna the prophetess.

In the book of Luke, it is like Mary had prophesied when she had conceived,
and then Philip had four daughters who prophesied. They proclaimed, they
foretold, they spoke forth the word of God. Where people missed it is
simply in that Corinthians’ passage when Paul was telling them, 1st
Corinthians 14:34-35, he was telling them women keep silent.

You’ve got to understand that there are terms. The Greek word for women is
gyne, and it can represent a woman or a wife, but you’ve got to understand
the context because in the context it says, “Let your women keep silent,”
but then it goes on in the next verse and says but if they have any
questions to ask their husbands. So, he wasn’t saying that all women have
to be quiet. He is saying let them ask their husbands, and during that time
the men were the ones who went to school and got the education. And so,
they are the ones that should have known what the scriptures were saying.

When a man is out with his woman and they are at a church business meeting
or something, the man should represent and the woman should not be the one
standing up waving her neck with her hands on her hips talking and carrying
on. The brother man should be the one representing because it doesn’t even
look right anyway. But that is the only setting. It has nothing to do with
women can’t preach. Now, some churches have the separate pulpit and the
separate microphone for the women to go on and preach over there. Come on.
We’ve got to get off that. The anointing is spiritual. There is no gender.
It is not gender specific like unless you are a man you can be a pastor.

Some people don’t think that a woman can pastor. Yes, they can. Women have
been doing it for ages. Women have been missionaries, not just
missionaries, they’ve been acting as apostles, but people don’t want to
give them the proper credit for what the office really is. Yes, women can
preach, and there is a whole lot to this also but don’t ever think that a
woman can’t teach. Women are teaching men in Sunday school, raising the
boys up. They’ve been doing this for ages ever since time began, and man is
not the spiritual head of a woman. If the man is a spiritual head, the
woman has to go through that rascal to get saved, and she can’t do anything
unless the man says it’s OK. Come on. We’ve got to get better than that.

Brothers, don’t be so chauvinistic. Come on. Open up your mind and your
eyes. Women can preach. Women can teach. Women are anointed. It’s not about
gender. In Genesis 3 there was a seed of the woman. Women can speak forth
word. Women have seed and there is a whole lot more to it. I might come
back and do part two to this.

What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos And Piercings?

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What does the Bible say about tattoos and body piercing? Well, the Bible makes references in the Old Testament about not scarring the body and putting markings on the body, and we know that the body is a Tabernacle, the Temple of the Living God, so that’s what the Bible says about it. But oftentimes, I question this prose because people want to know if it’s okay to do it today. Well, we’re in a new dispensation today. This is the dispensation called grace, and we’ve been saved by grace through faith that’s not of any words.

See, under the old regime, the law, you had to do all these certain things, foot washings and all these ordinances, you had to eat certain types of food, to distinguish. God would separate His people from the others, the Gentiles, from His own people, by how they conducted themselves, by what they ate and all these very ceremonial things that they would contend with.

But now, we are in this age of grace. It doesn’t matter now. It doesn’t save you. It has nothing to do with your salvation. That’s why thank God for Jesus. That’s why He came because people would mark themselves all up and cut themselves up and put paint all over there. They would wax themselves all over with all types of graffiti and everything else.

But again, so Jesus, He took care of all of that. He took care of all the laws. He fulfilled the law. All the things that we weren’t supposed to do or we weren’t able to fulfill ourselves, He did it for us, so that’s the blessing and the blood of Jesus.

So, what does the Bible say about tattoos and body piercing? You know, you can tat yourself up all over if you want to, but that’s up to you. If you want to go around covering up everything in this beautiful creation that God has made and you want to do your arms and your chest and your back and all over your body with tattoos and colors, that’s on you. It might hinder you from getting jobs in some places. It might have, some people might profile you because of that also, because it’s some timing. It has associations with it.

And then certain types of tattoos have demonic semblances and symbolize demonic forces and things, and so you are can attract some things that are not godly as a result. But does it save you? It has nothing to do with your salvation. Are there demonic symbols? Yes. You can put them on your body and you can attract all types of demons as well. But again, that’s what the Bible says about it. No, you shouldn’t do it because according to the law. However, has it anything to do with your salvation? No.

So, I’m like this here. If God said I shouldn’t eat pork, you know, He had a reason for it. But do I eat it? Once in a while, but there is no law. I’m not in bondage. However, you know why He said don’t? Because it’s not good for you. Well, so why would I mark up my face? And then, just to be personal, I’m a dark-skinned brother. Why would I tat myself up? You can’t even see half of them anyway. I’m just having fun with you. But you can’t even see the markings on many of us dark-skinned people anyway, unless it’s some kind of fluorescent paint.

And so, that’s up to you if you want to tat yourself all up. I think it’s a fad we’re going through right now, and a lot of people are just following other people, marking up their bodies, and many people are taking them off as well. And so you just, you think about it yourself. Is God convicting you? If you have a conviction, don’t do it. If you don’t feel like doing it, don’t do it. If you feel pressured, don’t do it, you know. And if you do it, well, don’t be condemned. It’s on you.

Is This Really Your Year?

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Is this really your year? Well, where I’m coming from is so many times people, you know, 2007 is going to be like heaven. You hear all these things, 2008’s going to be great, 2009’s going to be fine. You know every year from the change over from December 31st at midnight to January 1st, people have you thinking, “Oh, this is my year.” You might go to church for the whole month of January. You keep hearing talk about this is your year.

But let me just tell you something, the scripture says that Jesus, he was anointed to preach the gospel to the poor, heal the broken hearts, set at liberty them that are held captive, and to preach the favorable year of the Lord. The favorable year of the Lord began two thousand years ago. You know, the year of jubilee back in the old testament, was after every fifty years everything you lost, you get back. You know, all your debts are canceled and so forth. But you see when Jesus came, he became the year of the Lord, it was like our jubilee. We’ve been living our jubilee now for over two thousand years.

This is your year, it’s what you make out of it. You’ve got to take the word of faith and apply it to your live, take the word and apply it to your life and watch how every year works. There are no bad years when you’re a child of the king. Every year is a good year. There’s no bad day if you just claim it’s a good day. It’s a wonderful life. He came to give us life and to have it more abundantly. It doesn’t matter what year it is, you make it your year. And sometimes they say, well this is your year, God’s getting ready to bless you, getting ready to do this for you and hook you up and take care of you, come on.

But what about the fornicators in there? What about the scripture that says, you know, he will not withhold any good thing from them that walk upright before him, you know, maybe you have to walk upright. Sometimes there’s contingencies you have to apply. Scriptures say if you be willing and obedient you will eat the good of the lamb. You have to be willing and obedient.

It’s not just your year because it’s 2011, going to be great, 2000 whatever, 19, going to be fine. I don’t know, you come up with your own rhyme for that. But it doesn’t matter what year it is. We’re in the year of the Lord, we’ve been in it for 2000 years. You make it happen.

So, don’t let somebody bamboozle you with all these great sounding things as soon as we cross into the next year, telling you how great your life’s getting ready to be, and then go back and look, has it been all that great when they just tell you it’s gonna be so great because of the year? Because we changed over into another year? And numbers have significance, I’m not knocking that, there’s a number, there’s a significance for every number. It has a great meaning. However, you still must apply the word of God to your life, that’s the balance I’m trying to get across to you now. You’ve got to have some balance.

So, don’t just think just because 2008’s going to be great, 9’s going to be fine, 2010 we have to win, we’ve been winning ever since we put our faith in the sacrificial blood atonement of Jesus. We’ve been on top and rising, we’re the head, not the tail. Above only, not beneath. We’re the victor and not the victim. We’re more than conquerors, we’re champions, we’re kings and priests. This is your year right now, and forever more.

What Does The Bible Say About Suicide?

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What does the Bible say about suicide? A lot of people ask questions often and say, “Pastor, what will happen if I commit suicide?” and sometimes they’re contemplating and sometimes they’re just asking a semi-rhetorical question. But anyway, what does the Bible say? What about this suicide? You know, if you gave your life to God, let’s think about it, if you gave your life to Christ, it’s no longer your life. It’s no longer yours. He is the one in charge of your life and He tells you when it’s time to go. You don’t take it yourself. That’s not right. It’s not right for you to take your own life.

Let’s get a little more technical, a little more extreme with it. You know what? If you’re a pigging out on barbecue ribs and fried pork chops and fried chicken with the skin on it, you can smoke cigarettes all day long, the side of the pack says this can lead to death as well, or you’re doing all types of drugs and you’re decimating the temple constantly, that’s a slow suicide as well.

Scripture says in Galatians, if you sow to the flesh, you will reap corruption. That’s a form of suicide also.

You got to be careful whether you’re talking about just blowing your head off or just injecting yourself with some kind of poison or overdosing on drugs because you couldn’t take the pressures of life anymore. Now, if you’re already saved and the devil is bombarding your thinking, telling you to kill yourself, just do away with it so you won’t have any more problems to deal with, you won’t even want to take that chance like, “What’s going to happen when I get before God?” God is loving. He is merciful. He is forgiving. He can forgive our ignorance if we chose to do something like that, but still again, it’s not your call. It’s not your life. Your life is in Him. He will in no ways cast you out. No one can pluck you out of His hand.

When you gave your life to Christ, you gave it to Him. It’s no longer yours so you can’t take take your life. That’s what’s the Bible reference would be about suicide. You can’t take your own life because it’s not yours to take. It’s His. You gave it to Him so you have no rights there. You have no rights there and if anybody is contemplating suicide, come on, you need to tough up. You need to man up right now and trust God to carry you through because nothing is just that deep where God can’t handle it. We’re not into suicide, all right? Let’s close it right there.

Is Homosexuality A Sin?

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Is homosexuality is a sin? Yes, it is. We were all born sinners, all were
born, we were all born shaped in iniquity. After Adam and Eve fell, he took
on a sin nature, that’s the bottom line. He took on the sin nature. Romans
chapter 5 tells us that through one man’s sin enter the world and death by
sin, death passed upon all men because all have sin. That proves we were
all born sinners.

Homosexuality is just a sin that people chose to do, so you can’t come up
with this and tell me I was born this way. I’m just a woman in a man’s body
or vice versa. You were born a sinner, that’s all it is and people need to
be fessing up and just telling the truth. Sin is sin, that’s what it is. I
don’t care if your president says it’s OK or your pope said or whatever,
your preacher says it’s OK. Whoever it is, the word of God says it’s a sin.

God created the man and the woman here, male and a female, he created them
to subdue, to dominate, to multiply and replenish the earth and that’s how
you do it. You can’t do it with two men together and two women together,
and the only kind of same sex is heterosexual marriage. That’s the only
type of marriage we should be propagating and promoting anyway.
Homosexuality is just a perverted, debased thinking. It’s just a wicked,
perverted mind saying that it’s OK for me to have this imagination of me
being with another man or a woman being with another woman. It’s just a
sin, and you need to repent.

You talk about do homosexuals and gays have rights? You have a right to
repent. A right to repent because that’s a sin. I’m telling you now, trust
me. When you stand before God, you’re going to be seeing my face telling
you it’s a sin and that’s what it is. You need to repent and to ask God to
forgive you, and you need to just cast down those imaginations and all
those thoughts of being with them. It don’t matter if you get all mushy and
warm and fuzzy with another man or another woman. That don’t mean you go
all the way with them. That don’t mean you go and have sex with them and
then want to marry them. What some kind of debased thinking we have today.
That’s a reprobate mind. That’s a sin. That’s what it is.

It’s like you chose to do crack, you chose to do alcohol, you chose to
cuss, you chose to gossip, you chose to be a whatever it is, you choose all
these things here. You’re not born a certain way. You’re not born a crack
head. You’re not born a gossip. You’re born a sinner. That’s what it is.
You’re born a sinner and homosexuality is one of those sins you chose and
you need to repent of that sin as well. You need to ask God to deliver you,
wash and cleanse you, that’s what you do and then serve God. No way you can
know the true and living God. He loves you, he don’t love the sin though.
He loves us all, but he does not love our sin, all right?

There’s no way you can know the true and living God, worship him, honor
him, adore him, and know him personally and intimately and think it’s OK,
because the holy spirit of God will convict you of that sin. It is not
right. So, I’m just here to tell you, and maybe we’ll come back and do part
two on this one.

Can You Marry After Divorce?

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Can you marry after divorce? Sure, you can. You just need to check your
motives, though. If you marry somebody because you’ve been cheating and
playing around on the side and committing adultery, the Bible says, “No,
that’s not right” because you just marry somebody for that sake – wrong

All right, but God wants you happy. The first marriage didn’t work out, he
was cursing you out and beating on you and blowing all the money on drugs
and alcohol and lying to you. You couldn’t trust him to be faithful, and
then you got a divorce. Be happy, find you the right person. Or you had a
wife and she was doing the same things to you. God wants you happy, so yeah
God would want you to have that mate. So, yes, it’s OK to marry after
divorce. The only question would be, “What’s the motive?”

I know some scriptures make references that because if you’re married and
then you got a divorce, you’re not supposed to remarry, and sometimes
preachers hold people accountable to that, as if you can’t even marry all
over again. God forgives us of all of our sin. He forgives of all of our
defects and flaws. He forgives us of ignorances and everything else, and he
loves us and cares for us, so God wants you happy. He wants you to be able
to find the right mate. He wants you happy and so, yes, it’s OK to marry
after divorce. You need to let the past be in the past. Just don’t marry
for the sake of adultery, that’s the wrong motive.

You Must Apply The Word

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You must apply the Word. Somebody else, another Christian couple’s
breaking up, and sister girl says, “Pastor, my husband knows a whole lot of
Scripture. He’s always quoting the Word.” And I hear it often where a
brother says, “My wife’s quoting the Word, and I don’t know why we can’t
make it.” Well, you’ve got to apply the Word. You must apply the Word.
Even a parrot can quote Scripture. You can just play it and a parrot can
hear it and hear it, or you can put a Memorex on for that matter. Anyone
can memorize Scripture, but that doesn’t help if you don’t apply the Word.
The application of the Word is what has to happen, so faith without works
is dead. You must apply the Word. So you can quote all the Scripture from
Genesis to the Revelation.

As a matter of fact, there are eight men in the Bible who can quote the
Word of God verbatim, but only one out of those eight men are saved. Why?
Because quoting it doesn’t mean anything. It makes you play the memory
game. You memorize. Some people pray, and they just spit out word after
word, Scripture after Scripture, and think they really did something. And
all they did was just scream and holler. They talked at God. They didn’t
talk to God. They weren’t making supplications and requests. They were
just speaking out a whole bunch of Scripture. That doesn’t add up to
anything. When people come to you and it seems like they’ve got a whole
lot of knowledge about the Word of God, just look at their life. Look at
their life, because that’s the determining factor as to whether they’re
really applying the Word.

They can quote all this Scripture and they’re broke. They quote all this
Scripture and they stay sick. They quote all this Scripture and we get all
gifts and so forth. Divorcing and carrying them. Quoting the Word,
teaching the Word, but come on, where’s the application of it? That’s
what’s so important. You’ve got to apply the Word to your life, because
somebody’s not applying the Word. You must apply the Word in order for it
to work. You can quote it, you can teach it, you can sing it, you can
preach it, but if you’re not applying it, it’s not going to work for you.
You have to apply the Word of God.

The Word of Faith Does Work

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Word of faith does work. We went through those charismatic revivals of the
70’s and we seen a lot of, the word of faith being propagated back then.
There was a whole lot of, well you can call it a movement if you want to,
but it was a new revelation. People were beginning to understand what the
scripture was pertaining to, when we talk about the word of faith. A lot
of people, I cut my teeth on the word of faith in the 80’s and it was a
hard time coming through, where they were knocking those who name it and
claim it, gab it, grab it, confess it, possess it. But I’m here to tell you
it’s been working now for quite some time for everybody who’s ever tried

Romans 10:8 said it’s the word of faith which we preach, and then that’s
the same way you get saved is the same way you must live. The things you
confess with your mouth, you believe it in your heart, because you have
what you say. A lot of people say they have a cold, they’ve got the flu,
they are sick, or it’s flu season, or it’s allergy season, you have what
you say. See that’s not faith right there, well that’s not faith in God’s
word. Because when you have faith in God’s word you call things that be not
as though they were, and that’s the word of faith. That proverbs chapter
18 tells us that the, it says that man’s appetite is satisfied by the fruit
of his mouth, and with the increase of his lips he is filled, for the power
of life and death is in the tongue. Yes, you have what you say and you are
snared by the words of your mouth.

So I’m here to tell you the word of faith does work and a lot of people
have nothing and try to put it down, and talk about that naming, claiming,
and gab it, grab it bunch. But that name it, claim it, gab it, grab it
bunch are walking in divine help, they are prospering like never before.
And all those who gravitate towards the word of faith, they can see that it
is working in their life. Because you do have what you say, and so you got,
the things you say you’ve got to believe you receive and you shall have it.
Whenever you pray for something, believe you’ll receive it, and don’t go
back saying what the doctor said, doctors say I have this, and the doctors
say I have that, all you can say is, well, the doctors have diagnosed me as
having but I’m not going around telling everybody I’m sick, or I’ve got

This is how the word of faith works. So they might have diagnosed you of
having cancer or leukemia, or something, however, you say by Jesus Christ I
am healed. It doesn’t matter whether you is. You might sneeze in the
spring time and somebody says, you’re allergies are acting up, you don’t go
and agree with that, you just say no, I’m catching a healing right now, for
he himself took my sickness and boar my infirmities. See the word of
faith works like this, what God said, we believe it. Nowhere in the bible
did God say you’re sick, nowhere in the bible did God say there’s a flu
season, or allergy season, nowhere in the bible. The word of faith works.
So declare you are prosperous, declare you are protected, declare you have
the mind of Christ, and declare you’re not, all these great things. Just
declare the promises of God, and that’s the word of faith, and the word of
faith does work.

Don’t Blow Your Credibility

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You can’t blow your credibility, that’s all you have. People are gonna look
at you and listen to you and that’s a power of influence, once you lose
that, nobody’s listening to you anymore. When you go to the court of law
and you have to stand up there and give some kind of account, the
prosecutor or the defense attorney is gonna track your history. They’re
gonna look at your record and see if there were some areas where you were
lying, where you stole, where you done something wrong. Because it’s all an
attack on your credibility. If your credibility is shot already, nobody’s
gonna believe you. You can’t prove to anybody that you’re true to whatever
you were contending for. It’s the same with the Word of God. You can’t be
hanging out at night clubs on Friday night and then up there leading praise
and worship on Sunday morning. You gotta be careful as to how the world
looks at you. Even though there might not be anything wrong with it, you
can’t laugh at certain jokes around people, because they’ll just shoot your

Now if the Devil lies and uses people to lie on you, that’s another thing.
That will get taken care of. You don’t want to cause any problems yourself
to where you lose your credibility where nobody will listen to you. You
have no voice anymore, no influence anymore. Once you lose your influence
and your credibility, nobody wants to listen to you anymore. You’ve lied,
you’ve already been late eight times, they realize you’re not punctual,
you’ve lost your credibility. You’re unreliable, you’re always making
excused, you’re always procrastinating, you’ve lost your credibility. You
cannot afford to blow your credibility. It is vitally important that you’re
a man or woman of your word. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Your
integrity is vital to the influence that you have in people’s lives so I’m
here to tell you, “Don’t shoot your credibility.”

Don’t do the crazy, rebellious, stupid thing. Don’t cause babies to
stumble. Don’t cause the world to look at you with that shifty eye as if,
“I don’t know about this guy.” And you’re a Christian, and you’re one of
those who might be an usher or a deacon, you might be a ministry gift, you
might sing in the choir, it doesn’t matter what level or where you operate,
you might be a door keeper in the House of God. When people come in there
and they see that you’re somebody who just jipped the auto mechanic out of
some money or you just burned somebody down there at the Home Depot, or
you’ve done something wrong and the whole public knows about it, you’ve
blown your credibility and you’re not a good witness. It’s important that
you maintain a proper level of integrity and credibility. Don’t blow your

Are You A Threat To The Devil?

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Are you a threat to the devil? That’s the question. Just like the
rattlesnake slivers his little cowardly self up to the eagle’s nest, he
goes after the baby eagle. He won’t mess with the full-grown one because he
knows that the full-grown eagle is the snake’s worst nemesis. Same way the
kingdom of darkness works. The devil goes after the babies. So many baby
Christians come after being saved, a couple of months or a couple of years,
they come wondering why they’re being harassed so much or why there is so
much going on in their life. They’ve got confusion, no peace, chaos
everywhere. I would tell them just like I would tell you, you’re a threat,
that’s what’s happening. The devil knows if you grow up, you’re going to
crush his head. That’s what’s going to happen. If you grow in the grace and
knowledge of God and keep standing on the word of God, you’re going to be a
big threat to that kingdom of darkness.

So what does he try to do? He comes after you when you’re just a baby. He
tries to discourage you, demoralize you, kick you out of the game, destroy
you, send you back to drugs and alcohol, illness, and everything immoral.
He wants to send you back to that life so that you won’t be of any effect
to the kingdom of God. That’s the reason that you are a threat. That’s an
opportunity. You need to praise God. If the devil is not messing with you,
if he doesn’t have any concern about you, that means you’re not doing

If there are any of you who the devil is not bothering, if there is never a
challenge of anything in your life, you get everything handed to you
easily, it’s probably because you’re not doing anything. You need to get on
your horse. We throw some jabs out there, we’re going to get some jabs
thrown back at us. Understand, you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness.
That’s why they are after you, all the demons and hobgoblins are coming
after you. All you have to do is stand strong, keep on growing, because we
win. We triumph over all things through Christ Jesus. The devil lost. Let
that rascal know, ‘The blood of Jesus is against you, you have no
authority, you have no power.’ God has given us the authority to trample
upon serpents, scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing
shall by any means hurt us. We are the kings, we are the champions. We’re
more than conquerors. We’re on top and rising. We’re the people of God and
we win.

You let that rascal know the next time he comes up against you, trying to
mess with you, trying to harass you, trying to drive you back to your
worldly ways of doing things, let him know, ‘Devil, I’ve given my life to
the Lord Jesus. I’m serving God. I resist you, I submit to God, therefore
it is written you must flee right now,’ or bind him in the name of Jesus.
The reason, again, you are a threat to the devil. If he’s not bothering
you, you might not be a threat.

You want to ask yourself that question: Are you a threat to the devil?

Talent vs Character

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A just weight is the Lord’s delight, but an improper balance is an abomination (Prov. 11:1). With all of the motivational speaking seminars, the self help books and constant emphasis on excellence, you would think this generation would know what is required to secure a prosperous life. Still many will only become playground legends. Some of the world’s best artists, athletes and skillful users of their natural abilities are unemployed, on welfare, bankrupt, on drugs or even in penitentiary. What a waste! Society is deprived once again of experiencing some of God’s overwhelmingly and most enjoyable earthly blessings. People forget that the game is to be played off the field as well as on the field. Entertainers forget that the stage is their life. Talent brings people to plateaus they could never have dreamed of, but lack of character won’t sustain them. Prosperity ruins a fool, yet wealth and riches are stored up for the just. The benefits would be so much greater if parents spent as much energy developing the young little leaguer and junior football player’s character on and off the field, instead of only priding their child for scoring touchdowns. Can he read, can he write, is he good at colloquialisms, switching from culture slangs to standard English? Does he start each response with “I mean”, “like” or “you know”? Does he say “my bad” instead of excuse me? Does he wear his pants below the butt? Does he use profanity around everyone, anywhere? Does everyone know he uses drugs? If so, this person might score more touchdowns, shoot like Kobe and perform like Michael Jackson, his character won’t sustain him because his off the court game is far below the expected standard for superstar success level. Employers and professional entities consider character as a priority when deciding who makes the cut or gets hired. Great talent with great character is a unanimous choice.


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Dabbling In The Occult

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Are you dabbling in darkness? Are you dabbling in the occult? What’s all
these things I’m referring to? Tarot card reading, palm reading, black
magic, white magic, soothsaying, drugs, opening the door, opening doors for
demonic forces to come into your life. Reading your horoscopes looking for
direction, paying for prophecies, paying ministers on television for a

You don’t have to pay for anybody to read your palm and tell you what kind
of life you’re going to live. You don’t have to pay for anybody to spin a
Ouiji board or do some Tarot card reading and things of that sort. No.

This black magic and white magic and soothsaying, that’s all demonic. You
might wonder why it was that what happened to your child, why they came out
deformed, or something going wrong in your life, so many sudden tragedies
and casualties taking place. It could be some demons in your life, and
you’re a Christian.

You might have opened doors to darkness. You’re saying, no, no. God is a
jealous god, and you’ve allowed all these things in your life. That’s not
right. It’s an abomination and the Devil’s going to try to take you out.

So, don’t get impatient trying to pay for somebody to read your fortune and
read your history to you. You just trust God and His Word. You believe and
know that you have a job. Believe and know that you have a car. Believe and
know that you have the right man and the right woman.

You don’t have to be going to somebody to pay and tell you what your future
holds. No, that’s dabbling in darkness, dabbling in the occult, and saints
of God, I’m telling you now, that is wrong. You’re going to find yourself
in some terrible circumstances by allowing darkness to come into your life
through those mediums, just like that.

So, Tarot card reading, palm reading, witchcraft, Ouiji boards, crystal
balls, horoscope, black magic, white magic, soothsaying, all those things,
that’s the occult. Get away from it.

Can God Use A Thug?

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Now King David killed a bear and a lion so Goliath was nothing to him. He
said, ‘Who’s this big old uncircumcised stiff-necked rebellious
unregenerate Philistine?’ He told Goliath, ‘I’ll cut your head off. I’ll
feed it to the birds of the air.’ Saul, before he was the Apostle Paul, was
terrorizing the church, killing Christians. He’s the one who consented to
killing Stephen. Then God saved him and now he gave his life to serving
God. He sold out for God. You see, that’s what God wants to do with us.
Noah was a man who moved with fear to save his family. While the whole rest
of the world was going to hell in a hand basket he was saving his family,
making sure his sons and their families were all saved and on that ship.
That’s what God wants to do with us. He wants to take the same person that
you are and sanctify you for His good purpose.

Oftentimes a lot of brothers get saved and then they get soft and God can’t
use them. I come across these brothers, ‘Man, I’m from Compton, I’m from
LA, I’m from Chicago, I’m from Detroit. I’m from the ATL.’ I’ll say, ‘Well,
act like it. Why are you wimping out just because you don’t have a job? Why
are you crying and worrying about stuff? Why don’t you trust God with the
word that He’s given you and just man up, be bold, be strong the same way
you were in the world since you’re so bad, you’re from such a hot spot,
you’re from such a notorious neighborhood with such a reputation. Let God
use that same person.’ That’s what He wants to do. That same person you
were. You were out there just running things and you might even brag about
your life in the world. Now brag about the things of God. Brag about how
God uses you now for His glory, walking in integrity, standing firm,
holding fast your confession of faith, standing on the word of God. Doesn’t
matter whether they take the house, take the car, kick the dog, do
whatever, put you out, you’ve still got Jesus. That’s the kind of attitude
God wants you to have. No matter how many demons come at you let the devil
know the blood of Jesus is against you and don’t be one of those running
around talking about, ‘That devil’s busy. That devil’s so bad. That devil
got me going. He’s so busy in my life.’

Beloved, you need to let God sanctify you and use you the same way you
were. A lot of sisters I know used to be fighting on the playground in
elementary school and junior high and high school and then they get saved
and just be the biggest crybaby. ‘Come on, sister girl. Let God use that
same person you were. I heard you were tough out there. A lot of the
brothers were afraid of you you were so bad. Now you get saved you changed
up.’ That’s my submission to you right now: let God use you the way you
were. I like to just call them sometimes ‘sanctified thugs.’ God takes that
same person and and He’ll sanctify you for His good use, for His good
purpose. That’s what it’s about. Have that attitude you had on the
basketball court, slamming and dunking the ball on the football field,
tearing people’s heads off. Use that same attitude to advance the kingdom
of God. That’s how God wants to use you.

How Do You Know You’re Called?

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How do you know your call? That’s the question here. How do you know your
call to ministry? Fivefold Ministry is what I’m talking about, Apostles,
prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. A lot of people go around
church or come to church and say, “Pastor, I’m called. I’ve got a calling
on my life.” Some of them just want to preach and some people think
they’re called because they might have had some kind of spiritual
experience or they got some knowledge of the word. That doesn’t mean you
are called. We are all supposed to study and show ourselves approved unto

How do you know you are called? There are some things that take place in a
true ministry. I always say some were called. Some were sent. Some just got
up and went and some should have rolled over and said, “baby was that you,
because it sure was not God.” When you are called, God anoints you. He
equips you. He prepares you for it all. There are some things that are true
call, a servant of God to fivefold ministry can take and can understand
that nobody else can do. They can’t understand it. Not only that, when you
truly called, the scripture tells us you have the authority to build people
up. Ephesians 11:4 tells us responsibility to equip the site for work of
ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Until we all come to the unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God
and so forth. If you think you are called are you always [inaudible
00:01:28] Are you building saints up? Is there a mandate on your life where
you don’t have any peace? You don’t rest. You’re not happy. Your not
content doing anything else? Are you really trying to help the ministry or
do you just want to toot your own horn just preaching? You can go out on
the streets. There are enough people on the streets that need to be saved.
I put my truck in a vacant parking lot and just started preaching in the
back of it. I don’t need nobody’s pulpit to preach. That’s what ministers
do. We just do. Like dog’s bark, cows moo, that’s what we do. We just do
what ministry [gifts] do. You don’t have to have any ordination or license.
You are going to do it anyway. It comes naturally. You’re running bible
studies. You are praying for people. You are anointed when you speak.

All the evidences are there. That’s how you know you are called. Not that
you got DD and ThD behind your name on your business card. And reverend
this and reverend that. It doesn’t mean a doggone thing. When you are
really called there is proof. There is proof behind your ministry. You see
it in the lives of people when you’re really called. This thing works. You
don’t get out of it when you are really called. Because you don’t have any
peace being out of it like the Apostle Paul said, Whoa is me if I don’t
preach the gospel. There’s no where else to go. This is what I was created
to do. It’s a mandate on my life the gifts and calling are irrevocable.
God’s not going to take it away. So how do you know you are called? Ask
yourself; are your running bible studies? Are you leading people to the
Lord? Are you preaching the gospel everywhere? Are you winning souls?
That’s what it’s all about. Do you have a heart and a passion to see
ministry go. To see people edified and built up and growing in the grace
and knowledge of God. Because that’s the heart of a true called servant of
God. So, I just wanted to lay that one before you. How do you know you are
called? These are just some of the things I would look for if you are truly