Your Good Past Can Hinder Your Future

by Admin

Most of us know that we should not allow our past to dictate our future, especially all the things we would like to forget. Many have suffered tragedy, trauma and much drama and have a hard time breaking forth to accomplish future goals. Then, there are many who have had great accomplishments in their past and have decided to rest on their laurels. This is dangerous! Life’s not over until God says so. No matter how many trophies, plaques, certificates or degrees you’ve obtained, know that to whom much is given, much will also be required. We are encouraged to forget the things that are behind, good and bad and reach forward to the things that are ahead. Press toward the mark of the prize of the upward call in Christ Jesus. Your latter days shall exceed your former. While some think they have arrived like the man in the gospels who decided his barns were full, now he can eat, drink and be merry, not knowing of the impending circumstances awaiting him. One gentleman scored 30 points one night for his high school basketball team. However, he never got over it and at the age of sixty he still gloats about that one night, while unemployed, living in a project home, suffering the ills of society. It was a good testimony of an event in the past, but to park there was the hindrance to the future.  Allow your victories and triumphs to be stepping-stones to greater exploits. It is an indication that God has blessed you with more than enough gifts, skills and talents to win in this wonderful life. Never stop! Keep pressing! Even your “good” past can hinder your future, if  you let it………………peace


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