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Month: April, 2012

Talent vs Character

by Admin

A just weight is the Lord’s delight, but an improper balance is an abomination (Prov. 11:1). With all of the motivational speaking seminars, the self help books and constant emphasis on excellence, you would think this generation would know what is required to secure a prosperous life. Still many will only become playground legends. Some of the world’s best artists, athletes and skillful users of their natural abilities are unemployed, on welfare, bankrupt, on drugs or even in penitentiary. What a waste! Society is deprived once again of experiencing some of God’s overwhelmingly and most enjoyable earthly blessings. People forget that the game is to be played off the field as well as on the field. Entertainers forget that the stage is their life. Talent brings people to plateaus they could never have dreamed of, but lack of character won’t sustain them. Prosperity ruins a fool, yet wealth and riches are stored up for the just. The benefits would be so much greater if parents spent as much energy developing the young little leaguer and junior football player’s character on and off the field, instead of only priding their child for scoring touchdowns. Can he read, can he write, is he good at colloquialisms, switching from culture slangs to standard English? Does he start each response with “I mean”, “like” or “you know”? Does he say “my bad” instead of excuse me? Does he wear his pants below the butt? Does he use profanity around everyone, anywhere? Does everyone know he uses drugs? If so, this person might score more touchdowns, shoot like Kobe and perform like Michael Jackson, his character won’t sustain him because his off the court game is far below the expected standard for superstar success level. Employers and professional entities consider character as a priority when deciding who makes the cut or gets hired. Great talent with great character is a unanimous choice.


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Dabbling In The Occult

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Are you dabbling in darkness? Are you dabbling in the occult? What’s all
these things I’m referring to? Tarot card reading, palm reading, black
magic, white magic, soothsaying, drugs, opening the door, opening doors for
demonic forces to come into your life. Reading your horoscopes looking for
direction, paying for prophecies, paying ministers on television for a

You don’t have to pay for anybody to read your palm and tell you what kind
of life you’re going to live. You don’t have to pay for anybody to spin a
Ouiji board or do some Tarot card reading and things of that sort. No.

This black magic and white magic and soothsaying, that’s all demonic. You
might wonder why it was that what happened to your child, why they came out
deformed, or something going wrong in your life, so many sudden tragedies
and casualties taking place. It could be some demons in your life, and
you’re a Christian.

You might have opened doors to darkness. You’re saying, no, no. God is a
jealous god, and you’ve allowed all these things in your life. That’s not
right. It’s an abomination and the Devil’s going to try to take you out.

So, don’t get impatient trying to pay for somebody to read your fortune and
read your history to you. You just trust God and His Word. You believe and
know that you have a job. Believe and know that you have a car. Believe and
know that you have the right man and the right woman.

You don’t have to be going to somebody to pay and tell you what your future
holds. No, that’s dabbling in darkness, dabbling in the occult, and saints
of God, I’m telling you now, that is wrong. You’re going to find yourself
in some terrible circumstances by allowing darkness to come into your life
through those mediums, just like that.

So, Tarot card reading, palm reading, witchcraft, Ouiji boards, crystal
balls, horoscope, black magic, white magic, soothsaying, all those things,
that’s the occult. Get away from it.

Delivering Christians From, Porn, Cigarettes, Alcoholism, Fornication, Drugs, Etc

by Admin

Christians, like non-Christians have challenges with the dictates of the flesh. Believers know it’s wrong to indulge in pornography, illegal drugs, fornication and so forth, yet they still do it. The beautiful thing about being a Christian is that the Holy Spirit will convict you of sin. They try desperately to repent and avoid sinning because they really love God. Often times they go back and do it all over again. If there is no instant, supernatural deliverance manifested in a believer’s life, they must depend on the grace of God to suffice. Well here is a sure way of never committing that sin again. If you really want to be delivered and you really love God. Colossians 3:17 says, “whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him”. The next time you want to smoke, put the cigarette to your mouth and as you light the match say, “I’m doing this in the name of Jesus”. The next you are about to commit fornication say, “c’mon baby, let’s do this in the name of Jesus”. The next time you go on the internet to drool and indulge your flesh over pornography say as you’re doing it, “ in the name of Jesus”. If you do this you won’t ever have that problem again.


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Fundamentals Are Essential

by Admin

Whether sports, academics, arts or life itself, having solid fundamentals are essential to doing well and being victorious. Baseball players field grounders, fly balls and practice batting every day. They work on the fundamental techniques that assure them of the ability to defense every ball that’s hit their way and to always get good hits while at bat. When players don’t have good sound fundamentals, they make costly errors and fall into hitting slumps and can’t find their way out. In life some basic fundamentals are reading, writing and arithmetic. Without a good foundation in these areas one can have a difficult time succeeding. Many artists of various sorts are naturally gifted, however, even in the arts some fundamentals are mandatory. For the Christian the basic fundamentals are the studying and meditation of the word and a constant prayer life. When believers meditate and study the word of God regularly, they load up arsenal for trials and challenges impending. They know what to do and how to respond to adversity. Know matter how hard the ground ball is hit, they stay in front of it. They squat, in case it takes a hard bounce it will hit their chest and instead of causing an error and giving extra bases, they can still throw the runner out. When a believer hears a bad health diagnosis from the doctor, they already know that ‘if God be for me, who can be against me”. They already have studied and declared daily that “by His stripes I am healed”. They already know that ‘He sent His word and healed me”. By practicing fundamentals, believers are prepared for the game of life, be it money, health, marriage, children or daily tools for productive living. Practice the fundamentals. Study and Pray. Fundamentals are Essential.


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Can God Use A Thug?

by Admin




Now King David killed a bear and a lion so Goliath was nothing to him. He
said, ‘Who’s this big old uncircumcised stiff-necked rebellious
unregenerate Philistine?’ He told Goliath, ‘I’ll cut your head off. I’ll
feed it to the birds of the air.’ Saul, before he was the Apostle Paul, was
terrorizing the church, killing Christians. He’s the one who consented to
killing Stephen. Then God saved him and now he gave his life to serving
God. He sold out for God. You see, that’s what God wants to do with us.
Noah was a man who moved with fear to save his family. While the whole rest
of the world was going to hell in a hand basket he was saving his family,
making sure his sons and their families were all saved and on that ship.
That’s what God wants to do with us. He wants to take the same person that
you are and sanctify you for His good purpose.

Oftentimes a lot of brothers get saved and then they get soft and God can’t
use them. I come across these brothers, ‘Man, I’m from Compton, I’m from
LA, I’m from Chicago, I’m from Detroit. I’m from the ATL.’ I’ll say, ‘Well,
act like it. Why are you wimping out just because you don’t have a job? Why
are you crying and worrying about stuff? Why don’t you trust God with the
word that He’s given you and just man up, be bold, be strong the same way
you were in the world since you’re so bad, you’re from such a hot spot,
you’re from such a notorious neighborhood with such a reputation. Let God
use that same person.’ That’s what He wants to do. That same person you
were. You were out there just running things and you might even brag about
your life in the world. Now brag about the things of God. Brag about how
God uses you now for His glory, walking in integrity, standing firm,
holding fast your confession of faith, standing on the word of God. Doesn’t
matter whether they take the house, take the car, kick the dog, do
whatever, put you out, you’ve still got Jesus. That’s the kind of attitude
God wants you to have. No matter how many demons come at you let the devil
know the blood of Jesus is against you and don’t be one of those running
around talking about, ‘That devil’s busy. That devil’s so bad. That devil
got me going. He’s so busy in my life.’

Beloved, you need to let God sanctify you and use you the same way you
were. A lot of sisters I know used to be fighting on the playground in
elementary school and junior high and high school and then they get saved
and just be the biggest crybaby. ‘Come on, sister girl. Let God use that
same person you were. I heard you were tough out there. A lot of the
brothers were afraid of you you were so bad. Now you get saved you changed
up.’ That’s my submission to you right now: let God use you the way you
were. I like to just call them sometimes ‘sanctified thugs.’ God takes that
same person and and He’ll sanctify you for His good use, for His good
purpose. That’s what it’s about. Have that attitude you had on the
basketball court, slamming and dunking the ball on the football field,
tearing people’s heads off. Use that same attitude to advance the kingdom
of God. That’s how God wants to use you.

How Faith Works: Protecting Our Children

by Admin

In this life today, our children, especially teenagers and young adults are at a greater risk of being shot in a ‘drive by, kidnapped and raped, contacting a life threatening, sexually transmitted disease, or suffering some other demonic attack, then it was over some thirty years ago. For parents and loved ones of these children, the application of God’s word has never been more demanding. We can’t follow our children and grandchildren around to guard and prevent their every step from disaster, but we can put our faith in God’s word. The object of our faith is the word of God. Matthew 16:19 tells us that “whatsoever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatsoever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”. Bind means stop, loose implies to allow. First of all we can loose the blood of Jesus to be a hedge of protection around the perimeter of their boundaries, over their transportation, shelter, finances and person. The blood will serve as a shield and defense against any entry or influence of evil.


Although we might have instilled sound moral judgment in our children, they still have to grow up. Devastation can happen to any innocent bystander. Our children can teach abstinence better than most, yet one moment of temptation can transmit the aids virus. As parents we have “Word” to stand on for their protection. Job 22:30 says, “He will deliver one who is not innocent by the purity of your hands”. We have angels. Ministering seraphim go forth and do the bidding on our behalf (Heb. 1:14). They will minister to our children while they work, sleep, or play. Our responsibility is to pray in agreement with God’s word and thank Him that our children are receiving divine guidance and are resisting the leadings of the evil one. We also have the anointed cherubim. Cherubim are guardian angels in whom we can trust are guarding and protecting our children in the same way the blood of Jesus protects. Psalm 34:7 says, “the  angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them”. Lastly, there are warring archangels who will fight for our children. Satan wants our children and has no other purpose then to offset the plan of God for their lives and set them up for destruction. We have the tools. We have the arsenal. We have the victory through the blood of Jesus and the Word of God. We only have to execute  by faith. When we pray according to God’s will we have to know He hears us, and that we have the petitions granted. We also have to know that it is done and we are not to waver by worrying as to whether it works or not. God watches His word to perform it.



God, I commit my children/grandchildren to You. I pray that You would move by Your spirit for their protection. I trust You at Your word in that the angel of the Lord encamps about my child, guarding and protecting him/her from any hurt, harm or danger. I thank You in that Your anointed seraphim are ministering to my children all the days of their lives, and Your Holy Spirit is ministering to them as well. I declare that they have a heart that is sensitive to Your voice, and the voice of a stranger they shall not follow.  I declare that my children know the unctions and impressions that You place upon their heart and are obedient to them. I set myself in agreement with Your Word and I loose the blood of Jesus upon them now, wherever they are and in whatever they are doing.  I submit to You and declare that my children are happy, healthy and will live a long life and be satisfied. My children are mighty men and women of valor. They shall serve You all the days of their lives and are positive influences in the lives of all they come in contact with. They lead their peers and not follow, walking the path of righteousness for Your name’s sake. Now devil, I bind you and render you helpless in the name and by the blood of Jesus. Devil, I serve you notice, you have lost the battle with my children because of the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.

God, I thank You now for the victory and for always causing us to triumph through Christ Jesus, and in His name I pray, Amen!


Pastor Anthony E. Blackman


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Neither Spouse Was Whole: Divorce Was Inevitable

by Admin

They both brought so much baggage into the union. She went to church but wasn’t really serious about the application of God’s word. He was only recently saved, and then they got married.

He spent a lot of his time with the fellows. Sports, gambling, dominoes, recreation and doing fun things were the objectives. He went to church but saw it as some religious thing he needed to do to get points from God and keep his wife happy. In private he dabbled on the Internet lusting after pornography. He never learned how to cast down imaginations, because he never took time to practice applying God’s word. He lived with his childhood issues and complexes, never seeming to overcome them.

She had been hurt in a previous relationship and often held her new husband hostage as a result thereof. She didn’t spend much time reading the word of God and building herself up either. She worked, went out periodically with the ladies, some of those ladies were single. She had her issues with weight, clothes, credit card abuse, money, her mother’s influence and more.

They never made it a daily habit to pray together and build their relationship on Christ. There were no attempts to keep God in the center of their individual lives, let alone as a couple. Growing in the grace and  knowledge God is imperative for a Christian couple to make it in this world today. They had no foundation to stand on. He was tempted by another woman. The wife was tired of him spending so much time away, either with the fellows or possibly with another woman. He became insecure about her time socializing at happy hours with the girls. He lost his job. Her mother became a nuisance. Wife gained 30 pounds and began drinking frequently. Husband’s now angry and causes tension in every discussion because his ability to provide is threatened.


This is a classic example of what happens when neither spouse works on the Christ in them, the only hope of glory. When the winds of adversity blow, everything falls apart. After a year of differences, hurts and misunderstandings, they got divorced. Wholeness is vital on both parts. Go to church first.

Both need to attend the same church and sit under the same influence. The stone that the builders rejected became the chief cornerstone. Too many Christian couples are failing in holy matrimony by eliminating the Holy One out of the equation. It doesn’t matter how or where we start, the important thing is to begin pressing after God to be conformed to His image and His likeness.  Neither Spouse Was Whole: Divorce Was Inevitable.


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And You’re Not Even Married To Him?

by Admin

You’ve been dating him for a few years. You’ve had sex a thousand times. He’s cheated on you, mistreats you often enough, but you love him. He drives your car, sleeps in your home and seldom provides anything. Six years have passed, you’re still not married and fights over the same mess constantly occur. He brings the proverbial “make-up” flowers and box of chocolates and you’re so happy again. Sex tonight for sure, only to begin the same process all over again. Your emotions have suffered hell’s torment more times then you can keep count of. Everybody has told you he’s no good. You know it also, you just don’t want to admit to it because of some insecurity you have and the stronghold he has on you. You’re getting older my daughter and time waits for no one. How many more lies and suspicions of infidelity can you endure? How many more verbal or physical slaps can you endure? Is this the way you want to live your days on earth, in fear, miserable, hurting, worrying about some “no good” man? And you want prayer? God gave you common sense, knowing the difference between good and evil. And you’re not even married to him. Leave! God loves you and will take care of you.

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How Do You Know You’re Called?

by Admin


How do you know your call? That’s the question here. How do you know your
call to ministry? Fivefold Ministry is what I’m talking about, Apostles,
prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. A lot of people go around
church or come to church and say, “Pastor, I’m called. I’ve got a calling
on my life.” Some of them just want to preach and some people think
they’re called because they might have had some kind of spiritual
experience or they got some knowledge of the word. That doesn’t mean you
are called. We are all supposed to study and show ourselves approved unto

How do you know you are called? There are some things that take place in a
true ministry. I always say some were called. Some were sent. Some just got
up and went and some should have rolled over and said, “baby was that you,
because it sure was not God.” When you are called, God anoints you. He
equips you. He prepares you for it all. There are some things that are true
call, a servant of God to fivefold ministry can take and can understand
that nobody else can do. They can’t understand it. Not only that, when you
truly called, the scripture tells us you have the authority to build people
up. Ephesians 11:4 tells us responsibility to equip the site for work of
ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Until we all come to the unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God
and so forth. If you think you are called are you always [inaudible
00:01:28] Are you building saints up? Is there a mandate on your life where
you don’t have any peace? You don’t rest. You’re not happy. Your not
content doing anything else? Are you really trying to help the ministry or
do you just want to toot your own horn just preaching? You can go out on
the streets. There are enough people on the streets that need to be saved.
I put my truck in a vacant parking lot and just started preaching in the
back of it. I don’t need nobody’s pulpit to preach. That’s what ministers
do. We just do. Like dog’s bark, cows moo, that’s what we do. We just do
what ministry [gifts] do. You don’t have to have any ordination or license.
You are going to do it anyway. It comes naturally. You’re running bible
studies. You are praying for people. You are anointed when you speak.

All the evidences are there. That’s how you know you are called. Not that
you got DD and ThD behind your name on your business card. And reverend
this and reverend that. It doesn’t mean a doggone thing. When you are
really called there is proof. There is proof behind your ministry. You see
it in the lives of people when you’re really called. This thing works. You
don’t get out of it when you are really called. Because you don’t have any
peace being out of it like the Apostle Paul said, Whoa is me if I don’t
preach the gospel. There’s no where else to go. This is what I was created
to do. It’s a mandate on my life the gifts and calling are irrevocable.
God’s not going to take it away. So how do you know you are called? Ask
yourself; are your running bible studies? Are you leading people to the
Lord? Are you preaching the gospel everywhere? Are you winning souls?
That’s what it’s all about. Do you have a heart and a passion to see
ministry go. To see people edified and built up and growing in the grace
and knowledge of God. Because that’s the heart of a true called servant of
God. So, I just wanted to lay that one before you. How do you know you are
called? These are just some of the things I would look for if you are truly

Vocation: Who Determines Your Limits

by Admin

It’s funny how in America and many other advanced nations, a person’s destiny can be assumed by their education level. We’re taught that if we do well in school we are almost promised a successful life. For many of us, academics are not our forte’. God has graced every one of us with innate gifts, skills and talents, and all of these are created for His glory. For the majority who will never complete a four-year education program, there is hope within. Can you draw, paint or sew? Can you do mechanic or body and fender work? Do you sell products and items easily? Can you write fluidly or do you have a speaker’s voice? There are several services to consider for helping your own self out. What is the thing you love to do, you do it freely and get the most pleasure from? Whatever it is just might be your vocation. Your vocation is what God created especially and specifically for you to do, for His glory. Everyone has a vocation. An occupation is what you do for a living. In your vocation there are no limits. Never let the high school SAT determine your limits. Never let people, even tutors, mentors or parents determine how far you can go. A little faith coupled with some determination will set you on the most joyful ride of your life. Find your vocation and the sky is the limit. Go for it!

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Let Me Pray For You

by Admin


I just wanted to come on and pray for you right now. Some people are going
through marital problems, financial problems, people are having challenges
in their body, health, mentally, physically, and so forth, relationships,
having issues and difficulties there. I really just want to pray for you
right now. Set yourself in agreement with me right now, I’m going to pray.

God, I come in the name of Jesus. I commit my dear brother and sister to
you right now. I pray that you move by your spirit in their marriage, in
their marital relationship. I pray, Lord, that the husband would love the
wife as Christ loved the Church, and that the wife would submit herself to
the husband as unto the Lord, and that there be perfect peace and harmony
in that relationship in that they both communicate well to each other and
that they understand what is the will of the Almighty King of Kings. Lord,
I commit these marriages to you right now, and I pray peace and harmony in
every relationship.

God Almighty, for those that are suffering with incurable diseases, pain
and discomfort in their body, I take authority over pain and discomfort
right now and I command it to loose their body and let them go now in the
name and by the blood of Jesus. I declare healing. I command cancer, sickle
cell, multiple sclerosis, arterial lateral sclerosis, every disease, every
virus, every germ, every bit of sickness, I command it to go from the body
right now and I declare that by Jesus’ stripes, you are healed. He himself
took your sickness and bore your infirmity, and by His stripes you are
healed. God sent His word and healed you, and you are the healed of the
Lord walking in divine health all the days of your life.

God, I commit my brother and sister to you who are dealing with financial
adversities and shortcomings. Because they are cheerful givers and because
you love them, Lord God, You take care of the sparrow, the birds, that
neither sow nor reap nor gather, and you feed them, you clothe them, you
clothe the lilies of the field. How much more do you care for this here, my
brother and sister right now? I thank you that all their needs are being
met according to your riches and glory by Christ Jesus. I trust you in
this, Lord, and I ask according to your will, You hear me, and because you
hear me, they have the petition granted and I have the petition granted
that I’m asking right now.

Oh Lord, God Almighty, I pray your favor, the abundance of increase and
favor upon my brother and sister now. The favor and the blessing of Abraham
being the increase and the abundance of blessing upon my brother and sister
now, whereby they are steadfast and immovable always abounding in your

I trust, Lord God, that you move by your spirit and that you work to will
and do for your good pleasure in my brother and sister’s life right now. I
declare their bills are paid, their debts are cancelled, they owe no man
anything. I declare that they are happy, hilarious, ecstatic, and elated
about serving you, and that today and for evermore are the best days of
their lives. Positively monumental events are happening in their lives
every day.

Lord, I thank you that their children are blessed abundantly and that there
is perfect peace and harmony in every home. There is reconciliation in
every parent-child relationship now, in the name and by the blood of Jesus.

Now Devil, I serve you notice. I command you to loose God’s people and let
them go. You have no authority, you have no power. Loose them and let them
go. Loose their money, loose their marriages, loose their body, loose their
healing, loose their job, their transportation, their shelter. Loose them
and let them go in Jesus’ name.

God, let your power be made manifest now. I declare joy, inexpressible and
full of glory, a peace that surpasses all understanding guarding their
minds and their hearts by Christ Jesus. Thank you so very much for what
you’ve done and you’re about to do in my brother and sister’s life right
now. God Almighty, we give you glory, we give you praise, we give you honor
in the authority of the matchless name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

Now, just be in agreement there. Be in agreement, and if you know somebody
that is having their trials and challenges, just copy the link and email
it. Send it to their Facebook, tweet, however you work it. Send it to them
so that they can set themselves in agreement. It’s a simple prayer, just be
in agreement with me here. God hears the prayer. In Jesus’ name, be

You’re Infatuated, Call Off The Wedding

by Admin

So you think you’re ready to recite the vows, ’til death due you part’? Back up for a second! How long have you known this person, three months? Six months? Remember when you bought that new car or new suit or new living room set? You treasured it, you enjoyed having something new in your garage, closet or house. Months later you saw scratches on the car plus it needed some work done. A sprinkle of spaghetti sauce got on that suit lapel and friends came over and scotch guard couldn’t protect the furniture from the coffee. At this point the novelty is pretty much worn off. It’s no longer new and exciting. This is what happens in relationships. They are happy at first and begin thinking it’s love, when it’s only infatuation. Infatuation is being fooled into thinking you’re in love. Individuals must ask themselves, are you ready to live with this person for the rest of your life with multiple differences. You like him but he smokes like a train. She’s cute but so insecure and expects you to call her every hour to tell your whereabouts. He’s handsome and will work hard, but hates church, preachers and is negative about the things you love. She’s good in bed but can’t pay bills online, has a very limited vocabulary and is embarrassing around your fraternity friends. You saw how he frightens his kids from a previous relationship. He’s messy and sloppy. Her mom is waiting to move in with the first man her daughter gets. She kisses her dog on the lips. He’ s fat and not about to change his eating habits. He makes a lot of money and got you the cheapest ring in the store. She has Cheetos, chocolate and an empty soda can on the floor of her car. When you’re infatuated you are blinded to these dislikes and “compromise city” rules. When the novelty wears off, the blinders are removed. Now maybe after several months of courtship, decide if you are ready to love, cherish and honor this person through sickness, health, poverty, prosperity, in-laws, obesity, sweat, body odors etcetera for the rest of your life. If you can say yes to that and a thousand more differences, you’re in love. Be sure you can live with all the things you hate about him/her, if not, you’re infatuated, call off the wedding.

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The True You…Love God, He Knows

by Admin

He knows you’ve been raped, molested, ostracized. He knows you’ve seen and know things you can’t tell anyone. He knows you have a complex about your weight, your lips, hair, complexion, hands, hips, butt. He knows you hide and drink secretly or visit porn sites frequently. He knows about your speech impediment. He knows how frustrated your spouse makes you and the thoughts you get about cheating. He knows how you lie to make people think more of you than what is true. He knows how you worry when you tell everybody you’re too blessed to be stressed. He knows how you really would like to just die, so you can be off the hook, but you act like you’re fighting. He knows all of your idiosyncrasies, insufficiencies and inadequacies. He knows and thank God He knows, for He is the only one who can sympathize with you, love truly and have mercy upon you. He’s awesome! Love God, He knows the true you.

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It is The Lord’s will

by Admin

So many people wonder if the Lord took their money, made them lose their job, put cancer on them and often resign saying it must be the Lord’s will. God’s will is in His word. It can’t be the Lord’s will to remain in poverty or without a job when 3rd John 2 says, “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers”. It can’t be the Lord’s will for us to be sick when 1 Peter 2:24 says, “By His stripes we were healed” and Isaiah 53:5 says, “we are healed”. Not to mention He identified Himself in Exodus 15:26 as Jehovah Rapha, ‘the God that heals you’. It is the Lord’s will to be at peace and not suffer any inner turmoil. It is the Lord’s will to have joy unspeakable and not sad always or depressed. It is the Lord’s will for marriages to be harmonious. It is the Lord’s will to live in comfort and have an abundant life, and not live in the worst conditions. It is the Lord’s will for pain to leave your body. It is the Lord’s will to sleep comfortably every night. If the blessing of God is not manifest in your life, you simply have a fight of faith on your hands. Exercise faith in the word of God and the blood of Jesus. We win!


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How To Pray For Our Government

by Admin


How to pray for our government authorities, our governing officials: that’s
what we’ve got to take care of. We’ve got to know how to pray for them. I
know we’re supposed to, and of course, way back in the 60s and 70s a lot of
prayer was taken out of school, prayer was taken out of the government, but
saints of God have got to continue to pray.

We can’t let that stop us from doing what we’re supposed to do, and that’s
pray for our government officials. I Timothy 2:1 says that when we come
together, the first thing we’re to do is pray for kings and all those who
are rulers and government officials. It doesn’t say that verbatim, but
that’s what it’s telling us. We’re to pray for them. I want to stress, we
got gang violence. There’s black-on-black crime, Latino-on-Latino, there’s
crime. Wickedness is running rampant.

How are we going to save this country, with the gas prices going up, wars
and the rumors of war? All of these things are taking place, but we have to
pray. How do we pray? First of all, the scripture tells us, pray for the
government officials. Sin is a reproach to every nation, and when we’re
killing babies and we’re allowing same sex marriage and all these kind of
things, we’ve got government officials approving of it as well. We can’t
have that. We have to pray. So how do we pray? I John 5:14 says if we ask
anything according to His will, He hears us, and because He hears us, we
have the petition granted.

Scripture tells us that sin is a reproach to every nation, but it says when
the righteous rule, the people rejoice. When the wicked rule, the people
mourn. We have to first of all know that it’s the will of God. 2 Chronicles
7:14, ‘If my people would call upon My name, would humble themselves and
pray.’ It’s the will of God for us to pray. We need to pray accurately, we
need to pray precisely for what we’re talking about.

If we’re going to hone in on whatever it is, be it the gang violence, the
crime, the murder, all the abominations taking place, all the ill
treatments everywhere, we have to hone in on that, and just get specific
with it, and commit it to God. We have to believe we receive. We have to
know that God heard our prayer, because we need to cover our President, our
Vice President, the Cabinet, the House, all Congress, we need to cover
them. We’re to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we’ve got to pray for
Israel. That’s the saint of God’s responsibility. We’ve got to pray.

How do we pray? We set it up, we have our target, and we magnify God. We
praise Him, enter His courts with praises, gates with thanksgiving, and
then we make our requests, supplications, and intercessions known. The
peace of God that surpasses all understanding guards our minds and hearts
like an umpire. It’s our responsibilty to set it up, to make our
intercessions before God, and then we believe we receive because we know we
prayed according to His will. If need be, we need to bind the forces of
evil as well. Bind the devil, bind the rulers of darkness, bind them up in
Jesus’ name, and then loose the power of God on the land. We will see
results. It happens every day. God is moving at the result of God’s people
making intercessions before Him.

How to pray for our rulers and government officials? This is what we’re
talking about.