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Month: January, 2012

Worldly Music In The Church

by Admin

Song: “I Love Jesus” Live

Song: “Just The Holy Spirit” Live


People talk about church music, sanctified music, worldly music, they give
it all types of terms and I like to talk about everything was created for
the glory of God.

Everything was created for the glory of God and so people like Elvis
Presley and Michael Jackson and James Brown and people did might exploits
on the music arena. Of course, they made big money of off it. It was
secular, we would call it, however, everything was still created for the
glory of God. In all these anointings and gifts and talents were really to
be for the glory of God, but people didn’t use if to glorify God.

So, I like to say what we’re supposed to do and what I like doing is
sanctify that stuff and it’s OK. People come to your church and they’ll
say well, it wasn’t like church music because it had the Mo-town sound or a
60s or 70s R&B groove to it. And that’s OK because were the church and
when we play music it is church music. We’re the church and what clothes
we wear are church clothes. And we’re the church and what songs we sing
are church songs. And see we are the church, and what we’re doing is
taking that music and sanctify it anyway. Do what it was supposed to do
anyway, glorify God.

Change the lyrics. It’s all right if the beat is not that sanctified what
we call a holiness shuffle beat and all those types of things. It can,
it’s all right if it’s sounding like the Stylistics and the Delphonics and
the Temptations and Smoky Robinson. That was a cool groove.

Just think, we take that music and sanctity it to the glory of God. Now
God is pleased. And not only that, he sanctified us, and we were retched,
miserable and undone and he took us and sanctified us. And so everything
is to be sanctified. Our food is blessed and sanctified. Our children are
sanctified and that’s what it’s all about. Set apart for sacred use. And
so that’s how I like to do in my church. Look, excuse me, we’ll take some
of that old school music and we’ll flip those lyrics around and we’ll
glorify God because it’s all about the heart. And if your heart is into
it, you can worship, the power of God will fall. People will get saved,
healed and delivered simply because it’s sanctifies and glorifies God and
not only that it got their attention. It wasn’t so stiff and religious and
stuffy. It was free and it was liberating. It just helped them to see
that, ‘Woah, God does love me. It doesn’t matter.’

So, just sanctify your music and I’d like to encourage you, click on the
links that we have available here for you. It’s just a couple of old
grooves that we sanctified glorifying God. It’s a powerful anointing
falling into place. So, enjoy that. And again take everything and
sanctify to the glory of God. That’s what it was all created for.


Some People Were Never Any Good, You Know A Few

by Admin

You saw it, you just didn’t want to acknowledge and call it. To avoid heartache and pain everyone must trust their innate, God given instincts. I call it “The Umpire Spirit”. The umpire cannot wait and rationalize for a period after the ball crosses the plate, he must call it immediately either a ball or a strike. Jesus was acquainted with grief and a man of many sorrows (Is. 53:3). He knew all the games people tried to play on Him. Have you ever been bamboozled, hoodwinked or smelled a rat? I am certain that if you think back, you would remember an occasion when that person said or expressed a gesture or something that raised a red flag in your spirit but you ignored it and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Two years later that person hurt you. Proverbs 6:13 tells of the wicked man who winks or has shifty eyes, keeps checking his watch (paraphrasing), shuffles his feet. These are some wicked character traits that we must attend to. Every time I’ve been deceived and hurt I can trace it back to the moment when I had a check in my spirit about the person. It could have been five years prior to the incident, but I knew it. I learned from the Master, Jesus Himself. Jesus allowed Judas to hang out on his staff for three and a half years, knowing he was no good. At the final supper Jesus exposed Judas and said, “ok Judas, whatever you’re going to do, do it quickly, because I got to get up out of here”. When you recognize a snake in your company, you don’t have to bust them out or kill them, they’ll hang themselves eventually.  By knowing who’s laboring among you helps prevent the pain when they “do” you.

When you recognize a so-called friend, staff member, employee, co-worker or anyone who would say or do something that raises a red flag in your spirit, just smile and love them, but never forget what you saw. That was God trying to protect you.

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Things You Can’t Pray For

by Admin

When a person gets born again and receives the spirit and life of Jesus the Christ within, they have all they need to live a fruitful and productive life. You can tell the level of knowledge and somewhat the level of maturity in a believer by the way they pray. When believers go through hardships and cry out asking for more faith, they’ll never get that prayer answered. We were all already dealt the measure of faith. Now that person must exercise their faith in order to develop it. One man in the bible asked Jesus to help is unbelief. He asked, but Jesus didn’t answer. The only way to build bi-ceps is by doing curls. You can’t ask for something you already have, our job is to develop it. Patience came by way as a fruit of the Spirit. When you pray for God to give you patience, He makes you wait longer. Waiting and enduring with a good temper is what develops patience. Self-control must be exercised as well in order to abstain and refrain. Tell your appetite you will not eat doughnuts every morning with your coffee. Tell your mind to read the bible and not watch television. He calls us disciples because we are “disciplined” followers of Christ. There are a lot of things we can pray for, then there are also a lot of things we already have, work it.

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How Faith Works In Tribulations

by Admin

The word of God calls our ‘wilderness experiences’ a time of testing and trials. Although the term and experience of trials have a negative connotation, they are actually a character building exercise. God only wants us to trust Him through it all. The children of Israel were in the wilderness for forty years, yet Jesus had a wilderness experience for forty days. What differentiated Jesus experience from the Israelites was Jesus used the word at every challenge; whereas, the children of Israel couldn’t progress any further due to their unbelief. At every interval, Jesus said, “it is written.” He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, yet He came out of the wilderness in the “power” of the Spirit. (Luke 4:1, 14)

God allows the winds of adversity to blow in our lives to shape mold and fashion us into His image and His likeness. For example, you can’t pray and receive patience. Patience must be exercised to develop it. We have our fruit to holiness, but our fruit is not all developed yet. In order to be quick to demonstrate love, peace, self-control, forgiveness, God allows predicaments to force us to either trust Him, or never graduate to another level of Christ- likeness.

Everything God does is because He loves us and wants us to experience the fullness of His grace. It is a wonderful experience to be able to walk above the raging seas of life. As the winds beat vehemently against our houses (lives), we stand like trees planted by the rivers of water, utterly impervious.

The next generation of the children of Israel had not known any of the wars, neither were they tested in the fashion of their forefathers. God brought them into the Promised Land and immediately tested them. It was so they could learn to trust Him, and win over the challenges to come.

We must exercise the fruit of the Spirit in order to grow. Spouses, children, church members, supervisors etc., all help us grow when we allow our garden to be cultivated. No tree enjoys the pruning of winter, yet come spring, it produces a bigger harvest than before. I’ve always said, “the problem is not the problem, we are.” Whether we live or die, spouses can be contrary, money can be short, what we wish would change never does, then what! If after twenty years you’re still bothered by the thing, it is proof that you are the problem and you need more Christ in you, the only hope of glory. (Col. 1:27)

A good way to prepare and prevail in trials is by declaring God’s word over our lives.


I have a peace that surpasses all understanding. I have joy inexpressible and full of glory. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am a chosen generation, a holy nation, brought from darkness to His marvelous light. I am His special treasure. I triumph over all things through Christ Jesus. Enemies come one way but they must flee seven ways. I am blessed and highly favored. No weapon formed against me will ever prosper and the tongues that rise up against me in judgment, I condemn and declare them lies.

James said, “Rejoice when trials come.” Rejoice means throw a party. Hold your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care, because these trials produce character. No cross, no crown! So the next time you find yourself “goin through”– say, “God you’re making a BAD man/woman out of me.” Only trust Him. If God be for us, who would dare be against us…………..peace

Pastor Anthony E. Blackman

Churches, Ministers, Singers, Etc., Nobody Should Be Competing

by Admin

So many people are discouraged with either their lives or their lack of progress. Many are measuring arms with people who have different callings and assignments. Some have agreed with the wrong person’s idea or definition of success. This frame of reference is guaranteed to discourage or even bring depression. In the kingdom of God, success is simply being effective at what God has called “you” to do. For example, the prophet Jeremiah was a great success. Nobody really cared for coming to his “church”, rather the people had him thrown in the dungeon, but in God’s eyes, great job. God wasn’t looking for a large following to justify Gideon’s call, however He reduced his army “congregation” from 32,000 to 300. God was only looking for sincerity, not numbers. When I call a church and the recorded message says, “Thank you for calling xxx ministries, the fastest growing, the biggest, the most, in the state, county and so forth”, it only connotes competition. Who cares? The question is, are you effective at what God called you to do?

The problem is, somebody must have said you have to produce so many hits, sell so many books, have so much money, have a certain size following or you’re not successful. Wrong thinking! Many of the most powerful songs in christendom are written by authors unknown, but rest assure, the writer is rewarded in glory by God Himself. The author of the world reknown poem “Footprints”, is unknown. I think it was just a God thing. Many singers in our churches could upseat the most highly touted artists in the market. They should just do what they love to do and let God do the rewarding or recognizing if need be. 99% of the ministries in the United States will never reach “mega” status. Mega status is not the goal. We’re all one body and every part should be doing it’s share.

Not many christians read in the book of Acts 22 where we see Paul was brought up at the feet of Gamaliel. Yet the apostle Paul is the popular one, however Gamaliel did his part in instructing him. Stop trippin on numbers, asking people how many members they have. Many people  left Jesus after eating the fish and loves (John 6:66), then He asked his twelve disciples if they wanted to go also. A big church was not Jesus’ goal or priority, He was looking for sincerity of hearts. Don’t compete, just do your part. Glorify God in everything you do, He’ll handle the outcome.

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Why Blacks Commit Suicide

by Admin


On one of my recent quick hitters, I was talking about why blacks commit
suicide, and I was primarily just getting into the fact that, that hasn’t
been happening all the while. That’s some stuff that’s just been happening
recently the last 25, 35 or so years.

And I know that Proverbs Chapter 3 around verse 31 says, whichever, 30, 31,
33 or whatever, says, ‘Envy not the oppressor and choose not of his ways’.
And, you know, maybe because some blacks have seen some other people do it,
and so they gravitate towards that as the only way out. But, you know, I’d
like to make a reference to Ezekiel Chapter 16 where it says that, He’s
speaking, God is speaking to His people saying, ‘Your birth and your
nativity is from the land of Canaan. Your mother was an Amorite and your
father a Hittite’. And what I’m getting at here, is, you know, we’re just
talking about how that, you know, it’s 80% of characters in the cannon of
the scripture were of African descent. And Canaan and Ham, those were all
African folks, y’all.

Anyway, again, so, He has said, you know, they were the ones who were left
out in the open field. They had to fend for themselves. You just find all
that in Ezekiel Chapter 16. They had to fend for themselves. No one washed
them, nobody watered them, they didn’t have anything on their own. And it
just kind of makes me parallel that with how the blacks were coming, were
taken against their will, shackled hand and foot, stacked on top of one
another, put on these ships, crossed the hot ocean six, seven, eight months
and they’re on the ship. And they had to just defecate and urinate and
everything else on one another. And if people got sick they just threw them
overboard, and some of the, I’m telling you, some of the worst things have
taken place in the lives of these people. And they come over to the United
States of America and some of the things they contended with.

But that scripture in Ezekiel Chapter 16, God said, ‘I put it in your
blood, I spoke it in your blood to live.’ In other words, you don’t die,
you don’t give up. It’s in your blood to live. And so they went through
these hundreds of years of slavery and so forth, and in all the torment and
torture and the things black people have contended with. Yet they’re still
here today. Rising up in every occasion, in the political arena, in
athletics, in science, in medicine, in every venue, in every avenue and
aspect of life you can imagine, they’re still here rising. Because God
said, ‘I spoke it in your blood.’ Live, live. You don’t die, you don’t
quit. You don’t hang yourself. We don’t kill ourself because somebody
leaves us. We don’t kill ourself because we can’t pay a phone bill. We
don’t kill yourself because times get so hard. Do you know what your
forefathers went through? Do you know what’s in your blood? God said it in
your blood, Live. That’s what we got to do. Live.


by Admin

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. Life is time, what we do with it determines whether and how it works for or against us. We have time to seek our creator and find out what our purpose in this life is, and how to manifest it. We have time to establish relationships, to love people, to solve problems. There is always time, the question is, what are we doing with it. If the children need attention , it’s not time to be entertained by television. If the marriage is in disarray, it’s not time to have the boys over for dominoes. When unemployed, it’s not time to sit around watching Jerry Springer. When life is over, the dash between birth and death represents time. The sum total of every life was determined constructively and conveniently by the individual’s management of time. What you get out of this life is solely predicated upon what you put in. It’s all about Time!

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Not All Parents Are Parenting

by Admin

In the same manner we distinguish a dad from a father, not all people with children are parenting. Children are like arrows in the hand of the mighty hunter. The parents responsibility is to direct the children in such a way that they grow up making proper decisions for themselves. True parenting is teaching and demonstrating before our children what would be the best for productive living. The children should not determine what to watch on television. The thirteen year old daughter does not always know what is the proper way to dress. Both boys and girls should be taught to respect their elders and authorities, yet discerning properly good from evil. A three year old does not know he/she needs a coat when it’s freezing outside, yet some parents don’t pay any attention. Parenting is following up on subjects taught in church, in school and supporting the child’s activities. Parenting is teaching right from wrong. Parenting is teaching social skills and helping manage and being good stewards over their finances. Parenting is setting the children on a course where they will begin pursuing their own goals. Parenting is instilling righteous morals in our children and being conscious of our own behavior around them. As Jesus stated, “it would be better to have a millstone hung around your neck and tossed into the sea, than to cause any of these little ones to stumble.”

Save the children.

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Why Are Blacks Still Marching and Singing

by Admin

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony (Rev. 12:11). So many people, blacks in particular have missed the emphasis of Dr. King’s message. He preached and used the word of God to support his position. He preached about “The drum major instinct”, and “having a dream” about the races uniting and seeing the glory of the coming of the Lord. For nearly 44 years blacks have been (rain or snow) in the streets marching and singing “we shall overcome”. They’ve been riding “freedom trains” and having citywide events to bring attention to his message and legacy.

We should give honor to whom honor is due, but Dr. King’s message obviously is obscured from the masses of blacks who think marching and singing “we shall overcome” will help this nation unite. Blacks can’t even unite amongst themselves, how do they expect America to do so. Again, it wasn’t per se’ the man, but it was his message. If blacks and all Americans begin praying and honoring God by obedience to His word, there will be unity. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual host of wickedness and rulers of darkness. By way of the blood of Jesus, we already overcame. Being pro-black doesn’t add much advancement today, being pro-Christ does. That’s what Dr. King was all about. So beginning from the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, throughout the month of February we’ll be hearing the song lyrics “we shall overcome”, I say when? Response, someday. Yeah right! Read the bible. Stop marching and singing. Win souls and make disciples.

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Was The Apostle Paul Black?

by aeblackman


We used to talk about who was the king of the jungle, and everyone used to
say the lion is the king of the jungle. The elephant turned out to be the
king of the jungle. We just live and learn. The deal is who writes the
book determines who they want to be the king of the jungle, and what
happened in many black folk’s lives was that they were raised up and you
got the misslets in Sunday school and you get the pamphlets and the little
coloring books with all the different caucasoric features of biblical
characters. So you grew up with these images in your mind that they were
all white, and you got whichever painting it is of the Lord’s suffering,
they’re all Caucasian. We know that even on that one there was one, Simon,
who was a Canaanite. It’s like there could have been at least one black
person at the table.

But check this out. You have to understand something. First of all, there
was Rahab, the Canaanite whore. Canaanite, these were descendants of Ham,
straight up descendants of Ham. You have to ask yourself, how did Noah
have three sons and some people say Ham was the black one? How can you
have three sons by the same wife, but only one comes out black, the others
come out another color?

That kind of stuff just depends on who writes the book, who puts things out
there. So, anyway, there was Judah and Perez had Tamar, had Tamar not
Perez, Perez and these were Canaanites, these were black people. The
children of Israel went into Egypt and those children of Israel didn’t
recognize Joseph. How could they not recognize Joseph amongst all these
Egyptians when he was a Hebrew? You see where I’m going here?

Then in Exodus Chapter 2, Jethro had daughters, and those daughters had
told a gentlemen in Exodus Chapter 2 that an Egyptian had delivered us.
She was talking about Moses, and Jethro’s daughters were telling their
father about Moses. So how they mistook Moses, being a Hebrew, for an
Egyptian. Why? Because he looked like an Egyptian, he was a black man.
Even in Acts Chapter 21, they thought the apostle Paul was a black man. He
was a Benjamite, but, however, if you read Acts Chapter 21 around verse 30,
it says ‘Aren’t you the Egyptian who caused an uproar?’ He was a black
man. These were black folk.

And then some brother come on TV said ‘So I guess all of them are black
now.’ What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with all the characters in the
canon being black? What’s wrong with that? Read the book, study the
scriptures. You can study those genealogies, it’s already there. So it’s
okay to look at those geographical locations, and you can see where these
people were from and there was much miscegenation taking place throughout
the canon. 80% of the characters in the canon of scripture were of African

Characteristics of a True, Godly Man

by Admin

Before I touch this, let me set out my disclaimer. Sisters, if standards are not important to you, close the screen now. This barometer is drawn for my study of how God is to us as a husband and father, and examples found in the canon of scripture of other godly men. Here is a list of questions and qualifications of a true, godly man.

Married or not. Is he responsible? Is he saved? Does he have his own, house, job or business and car? Does he go to church on his own, or does he just follow you so he can retain his benefits? If he goes to church, does he serve in any auxiliaries? Does he let you drive the pretty, newer car? Does he keep your car clean? Does he work hard to provide for and keep you happy, ie;, hair, nails, clothes or whatever your necessities are? Will he empty the trash and keep the yard neat? Will he help by cooking, cleaning, laundry etc, if your schedule doesn’t always permit? Last but not least, does he lead the prayers in the home? Does he teach and encourage the children to be godly? Will or did he dedicate and/or baptize his children (he can). Does he love you like Christ loved the church? Remember sisters, if standards don’t matter to you, this is not for you. Brothers, the man is like Christ and our women or symbolic of the church, that’s all I’m saying. “Baby” comes first!…………….peace

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Can God Win A Football Game?

by Admin

Yes He can! God can do whatever He wants to do and can intervene however He sees fit.  Although many teams are flooded with christian athletes who pray for God’s help during the week, before and after games, He intervenes “if” He wants or needs to. He might have an individual who He wants to give a platform to, to further His gospel and get the attention of many who ordinarily would not acknowledge God. God performs miracles every Sunday in many of the NFL games, not only to win but life threatening and career ending injuries are avoided by the intervention of God as well. God moved the late Reggie White, an ordained minister to Green Bay and told him they will win the Super Bowl, and they did.

33 of the some 40 players on that Green Bay Packer team were attending weekly bible studies regularly. God loves Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers and all the rest at every position on every team, but what has happened this year (2011-12) in the life of Tim Tebow, you cannot deny is the intervention of God. Thank God for all the professional athletes who use their platform to the glory of God. The platform doesn’t last forever. God can make a team win, or He can let everything happen naturally.

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How Faith Works in Marriage

by Admin

Marriage is the most highly honored institution there is in the sight of God. God invented it, and ordained it. God, who also instructs us to live by daily application of His word, tells us how to live successfully in any of life’s capacities. Two out of every three Christian marriages are ending in divorce. This statistic is a sad commentary on Christendom. One of the primary reasons for such failure is that believers join in “holy matrimony”, and have zero knowledge of or submission to the Holy One.

Let’s start with the man. If husbands loved their wives as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25) the number of victorious marriages would be staggering. But how can a man love his wife this way if he doesn’t even know Christ? Does the man “ever” go to church to listen and be taught the word of God? Does he meditate day and night (Ps. 1:2, Joshua 1:8) on the word to experience any form of success? Last but not least, does he apply the principles of the canon of scripture to his conflicts or differences between himself and his spouse?

In order to love as Christ loved the church, the man must first recognize his position, responsibility and authority. The man is the head of the union. He is also responsible and has to give the account for this union. Due to this position, God also gave man the authority to pray and change whatever conditions he’s experiencing in his marriage that are contrary to love, peace and harmony, and make things right.

Here’s the comparison– Christ and the church, husband and wife. Does Jesus fight with us? Does Jesus try to win arguments with us? Does Jesus condemn us? Does Jesus compete with us? Does Jesus put us down and refuse to talk to us? Does He turn His back on us and walk out? Does He lie to us? Jesus is faithful to His word. Jesus loves us unconditionally. Jesus is the head of the body and cares for us, which is our example of how a man should love and care for his wife. When she argues and complains, Jesus listens to us and helps us in ways most suitable for our progress. Jesus knows who He is, therefore He doesn’t have to compete, argue, fuss or fight us. In the same manner, the husband has to have this understanding. Even when things don’t go the way the husband thinks they should, man has to be strong and dependent enough on God’s grace to sustain him and help him through it.

The wife is the weaker vessel, not mentally or spiritually, but simply in authority. She was created to be a helpmate. Much of her frustration comes from being with a man who won’t lead and has no vision or goals. She only wants to help, not take over. He’s the plug, she’s the socket. If he plugs in, the whole world comes on (lights, oven, stereo, television, intimacy, sex, meals, etc), happy wife, happy life. The woman has no problem submitting to domestic causes when she can trust that he is faithful to his word. Note: submission has nothing to do with oppression or male dominance either.

Both parties must make it their ambition and goal to press after Christ. Jesus is at the apex of the wedge, while the husband and wife are both at opposite sides of the bottom (like a pyramid). As they press and spend their days in pursuit of Christ– seeking Him, worshipping Him, obeying Him, serving Him, they will both find themselves closer to each other, for the gap between the two shortens. If the husband’s goal is money while hers is Christ, it won’t work. If her pursuit is companionship and security, while his goal is sex, it won’t work. Jesus has to be the center focal point in every Christian marriage in order to experience the full benefits of holy matrimony.

In conclusion: The ultimate faith is trusting God with your “Life”. In trusting God with your life, you’re utilizing daily application of His word for every emotion, scenario, disagreement, facet or aspect of marital living. It’s a wonderful life when we do it His way.

Pastor Anthony E. Blackman

The Black Identity Crisis

by Admin


You know, it’s just interesting how so many blacks, they know they’re
somebody, but not exactly who they are, and I’m just coming from the aspect
of how some Brothers walk, we add a little swagger, and Sisters do too, and
jargon and gestures, and everything else.You can tell, it’s like, this person has confidence and they believe in
themselves, but some don’t know who they are, and I say that in reference
to the word of God. Because see, so many blacks have come from the slavery
and were told that “you’re this” and “you’re that,” and didn’t know who
were they were, and had to just believe whatever the master told them or
whatever their culture or their environment or neighborhood, whatever the
family told them, who they are and what they’re going to be about. Yet,
when you go to a canon of scripture, then you can identify with who you
really are.And they were always in the Bible, men of African descent, throughout the
Bible from Genesis to the Revelations, some eighty percent of the
characters in the canon of scripture were African descent. And we just need
to understand, Peter was saying that we’re a chosen generation, a holy
nation, God’s own special treasure, peculiar people, we need to know who we
are in the sight of God. You know, we’re blessed coming in and going out,
we’re champions and kings, and priests, we’re more than conquerers, and
that’s who we identify with.

How did God see us and not how did man put on us, “you’re shiftless, you’re
lazy” and all these stereotypes and so forth concerning black people. But
hey, no, black people are a prized possession. You know they used to say,
God loves black people too. And that’s not right either. You’re not an
afterthought. He loves black people period, let’s just leave it right
there. Period. Just like he loves everybody. He loves black people, period,
not “too” or “also” like some kind of afterthought.

Are You Pro-Black or Pro-Christ?

by Admin

When we truly understand the struggle of black Americans it is easy to relate to many of their causes today. When blacks fought for human rights, civil rights, marched, campaigned and protested all because of their color, it was understandable to be pro-black. Although racism, prejudice and discrimination still exist, the movements being made in the 1960’s and earlier have diminished if not altogether dissolved. Malcolm,  Dr. King and many others fought and died for the cause, now what. Blacks can’t afford to see only through the eyes of their “blackness” anymore, but through the eyes of God.

Jesus saves and the word of God is the most powerful entity that ever existed.

If the black race and the various black organizations continue to be pro-black, excluding the God factor, they will lose every battle. God is fair and just and only supports what is right in His eyes. If blacks support social and political leaders simply because they are black, and not examine them against the word of

God, they’ll certainly operate at a disadvantage. Blacks can be as color conscious as they want, but if they don’t put Christ first they will never overcome.

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