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Month: July, 2012

What Is The Purpose Of Water Baptism?

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What is the purpose of water baptism? Water baptism helps you identify with
Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Baptism the word, in Greek, is
baptizo which means immersion. I know sometimes people sprinkle, and
sometimes a child might only be eight or nine months old and they would do
it that way. To me, that’s not right because a person should know and
understand what they’re doing when they get baptized in water. Because what
you’re doing is you’re standing above water, and then you’re identifying
yourself as to who you are right now. Then, you’re going underneath. You’re
dying to self, and then you come back up in resurrection and newness of
life. So, it helps you identify with Christ’s death, burial, and
resurrection. That’s what water baptism does.

Does it save you? No, no. Some people say that, well, you’re not saved
until you’re baptized in water. No, no, no you’re not. The baptism that
saves you is the salvation by the blood of Jesus when you’re baptized into
the body of Christ. That means immersed into the body of Christ. Then,
you’re saved. Water baptism does not save you. It’s only a type and shadow,
it has a significance to it, but it identifies you with Christ’s death,
burial, and resurrection. That’s what it does.

Before Jesus came, before we entered into this dispensation, people would
follow John’s baptism saying that when Christ comes we’re going to follow
him, but those who rejected Moses’ law on the testimony of two or three
witnesses would die without mercy. So, those who were following John were
saying. “Hey, when Jesus comes, we’re not with Moses’ law anymore. We’re
not following John anymore. We’re going to follow Jesus.” So, they were
saying, “Hey, I’m going to die to self. I’m going to go underneath. It’ll
be buried. Then, I’m going to come back in resurrection of newness of life.
That’s what it signifies. So, it’s something to proclaim to everybody, and
you should understand what you’re doing.

Parents can baptize their kids but the child, doesn’t know. I was baptized
at age ten. I didn’t know what happened. I needed to get baptized again in
my adult age when I knew what was going on, when I understood salvation.
So, that’s what it is. I know some might be saying, “Well, what about the
scripture and Peter talking about Noah and baptism.” Water baptism does not
save you. No. The blood of Jesus is what saves you. There was a man hung on
Calvary’s cross with Jesus, and he said, one said, “Lord remember me when
you come into your kingdom.” And Jesus said, “Today, you will be with me in
paradise,” and he never got baptized.

You don’t have to be water baptized to be saved, but it helps you identify
with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. That’s what you’re doing.
You’re signifying something to the whole world. You’re saying, “Hey, I’m
saved and I’m identifying with Christ. No longer of the world. No longer of
Moses’ law. That’s what this is all about. So, you want to be water
baptized, and tell a friend. Bring your loved ones. Bring them all to let
them see you do it, identify with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.


Your Good Past Can Hinder Your Future

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Most of us know that we should not allow our past to dictate our future, especially all the things we would like to forget. Many have suffered tragedy, trauma and much drama and have a hard time breaking forth to accomplish future goals. Then, there are many who have had great accomplishments in their past and have decided to rest on their laurels. This is dangerous! Life’s not over until God says so. No matter how many trophies, plaques, certificates or degrees you’ve obtained, know that to whom much is given, much will also be required. We are encouraged to forget the things that are behind, good and bad and reach forward to the things that are ahead. Press toward the mark of the prize of the upward call in Christ Jesus. Your latter days shall exceed your former. While some think they have arrived like the man in the gospels who decided his barns were full, now he can eat, drink and be merry, not knowing of the impending circumstances awaiting him. One gentleman scored 30 points one night for his high school basketball team. However, he never got over it and at the age of sixty he still gloats about that one night, while unemployed, living in a project home, suffering the ills of society. It was a good testimony of an event in the past, but to park there was the hindrance to the future.  Allow your victories and triumphs to be stepping-stones to greater exploits. It is an indication that God has blessed you with more than enough gifts, skills and talents to win in this wonderful life. Never stop! Keep pressing! Even your “good” past can hinder your future, if  you let it………………peace


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The Subject of Confrontations

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Have you ever had to confront and friend, co-worker or family member? Oftentimes due to fear of having a shady relationship, people just let the offense go. No, we don’t have to confront people on everything that doesn’t seem right to us, but one cannot live this life letting everybody disrespect them either. This is where confrontation is necessary. First think on whether it is worth it. How long will you have to be around this person? Will they affect your world negatively if you don’t “check” them right now? Is it an authority figure in your life? Oppression is not of God. You need boldness with a little tact. Out of love, honor and respect, let the individual know how you feel about what took place. Make sure your emotions are settled before you confront. We’ll never have peace in this world if we don’t confront attitudes, mistakes, disrespect or even “low life” thinkers. If your standards are higher, raise the people up around you. Never condescend or compromise your integrity for some uninformed, stupid, ignorant, proud and disrespectful person. The bible says, let those who are ignorant, remain ignorant. But if their ignorance is in your space and affecting your personal life, it must be confronted. We must balance the scriptures out. The word also says that if you see your brother at fault and don’t warn him, the blood will be required at your hand. In other words, your loved one or co-worker might be headed for a big fall and God wants to use you to show them a better way.  On the other hand, if people confront you regarding a matter, thank them. That is the only way clarity will manifest over a possible misunderstanding. At least you’ll have an opportunity to share what you really meant. Confront people in love and you’ll never lose. God has your back…………….peace


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Can Women Preach?

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Can women preach? Look, throughout the cannon of scripture, women have been
preaching, women have been teaching, and I know people are always saying,
“Well, the Bible says suffer not a woman to teach a man’ and in Corinthians
Paul said, “Let the women keep silent.” You ought to see that there’s a
contradiction somewhere when there was Anna, the prophetess.

Throughout the Bible women are teaching men, women are raising their sons
and raising nephews and grandsons and so forth. Timothy had his mother and
his grandmother, Eunice and Lois, the apostle Paul with that maiden, there
was a reference to Aquila and Priscilla, a husband and wife team. They
pulled Apollos to the side and taught him. Then there was also, well I
think I mentioned already, Anna the prophetess.

In the book of Luke, it is like Mary had prophesied when she had conceived,
and then Philip had four daughters who prophesied. They proclaimed, they
foretold, they spoke forth the word of God. Where people missed it is
simply in that Corinthians’ passage when Paul was telling them, 1st
Corinthians 14:34-35, he was telling them women keep silent.

You’ve got to understand that there are terms. The Greek word for women is
gyne, and it can represent a woman or a wife, but you’ve got to understand
the context because in the context it says, “Let your women keep silent,”
but then it goes on in the next verse and says but if they have any
questions to ask their husbands. So, he wasn’t saying that all women have
to be quiet. He is saying let them ask their husbands, and during that time
the men were the ones who went to school and got the education. And so,
they are the ones that should have known what the scriptures were saying.

When a man is out with his woman and they are at a church business meeting
or something, the man should represent and the woman should not be the one
standing up waving her neck with her hands on her hips talking and carrying
on. The brother man should be the one representing because it doesn’t even
look right anyway. But that is the only setting. It has nothing to do with
women can’t preach. Now, some churches have the separate pulpit and the
separate microphone for the women to go on and preach over there. Come on.
We’ve got to get off that. The anointing is spiritual. There is no gender.
It is not gender specific like unless you are a man you can be a pastor.

Some people don’t think that a woman can pastor. Yes, they can. Women have
been doing it for ages. Women have been missionaries, not just
missionaries, they’ve been acting as apostles, but people don’t want to
give them the proper credit for what the office really is. Yes, women can
preach, and there is a whole lot to this also but don’t ever think that a
woman can’t teach. Women are teaching men in Sunday school, raising the
boys up. They’ve been doing this for ages ever since time began, and man is
not the spiritual head of a woman. If the man is a spiritual head, the
woman has to go through that rascal to get saved, and she can’t do anything
unless the man says it’s OK. Come on. We’ve got to get better than that.

Brothers, don’t be so chauvinistic. Come on. Open up your mind and your
eyes. Women can preach. Women can teach. Women are anointed. It’s not about
gender. In Genesis 3 there was a seed of the woman. Women can speak forth
word. Women have seed and there is a whole lot more to it. I might come
back and do part two to this.

His Name is Jealous, Put Nothing Before Him

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Have you ever lost something of great value? Sometimes it’s because God allowed the enemy to take it. Exodus 34:14 tells us that God’s name is Jealous. He is a jealous God and has every right in the world to be. He created everything and also mankind for His good pleasure. He gave us the commandments saying to have no other gods before Me. Yet people get attached to their valuables, their delights, their most prized possessions and live as if they forgot where their blessings come from. If God created us for fellowship and His good pleasure, we should never neglect our time with Him. We should never allow anything to distract us to such a point where days, weeks, months have passed and we haven’t even acknowledged Him. He’s jealous when we spend more time on our hobbies, than with Him. He’s jealous when we forsake worship services because our recreational activity is more important. Remember when malls, businesses, little league sports and nearly the whole town was shut down simply because it was Sunday? When people begin worshipping the creature instead of the Creator there are consequences. By this, we frustrate God and walk out from under our protective covering. We make ourselves vulnerable to Satanic attacks on our money, health, materials and even children. God will protect you and your belongings, but He will also bring judgment to whom He wills and let the repercussions happen. Never let anything be more important to you than your relationship with the Almighty God. His name is Jealous, Put nothing before Him.

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What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos And Piercings?

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What does the Bible say about tattoos and body piercing? Well, the Bible makes references in the Old Testament about not scarring the body and putting markings on the body, and we know that the body is a Tabernacle, the Temple of the Living God, so that’s what the Bible says about it. But oftentimes, I question this prose because people want to know if it’s okay to do it today. Well, we’re in a new dispensation today. This is the dispensation called grace, and we’ve been saved by grace through faith that’s not of any words.

See, under the old regime, the law, you had to do all these certain things, foot washings and all these ordinances, you had to eat certain types of food, to distinguish. God would separate His people from the others, the Gentiles, from His own people, by how they conducted themselves, by what they ate and all these very ceremonial things that they would contend with.

But now, we are in this age of grace. It doesn’t matter now. It doesn’t save you. It has nothing to do with your salvation. That’s why thank God for Jesus. That’s why He came because people would mark themselves all up and cut themselves up and put paint all over there. They would wax themselves all over with all types of graffiti and everything else.

But again, so Jesus, He took care of all of that. He took care of all the laws. He fulfilled the law. All the things that we weren’t supposed to do or we weren’t able to fulfill ourselves, He did it for us, so that’s the blessing and the blood of Jesus.

So, what does the Bible say about tattoos and body piercing? You know, you can tat yourself up all over if you want to, but that’s up to you. If you want to go around covering up everything in this beautiful creation that God has made and you want to do your arms and your chest and your back and all over your body with tattoos and colors, that’s on you. It might hinder you from getting jobs in some places. It might have, some people might profile you because of that also, because it’s some timing. It has associations with it.

And then certain types of tattoos have demonic semblances and symbolize demonic forces and things, and so you are can attract some things that are not godly as a result. But does it save you? It has nothing to do with your salvation. Are there demonic symbols? Yes. You can put them on your body and you can attract all types of demons as well. But again, that’s what the Bible says about it. No, you shouldn’t do it because according to the law. However, has it anything to do with your salvation? No.

So, I’m like this here. If God said I shouldn’t eat pork, you know, He had a reason for it. But do I eat it? Once in a while, but there is no law. I’m not in bondage. However, you know why He said don’t? Because it’s not good for you. Well, so why would I mark up my face? And then, just to be personal, I’m a dark-skinned brother. Why would I tat myself up? You can’t even see half of them anyway. I’m just having fun with you. But you can’t even see the markings on many of us dark-skinned people anyway, unless it’s some kind of fluorescent paint.

And so, that’s up to you if you want to tat yourself all up. I think it’s a fad we’re going through right now, and a lot of people are just following other people, marking up their bodies, and many people are taking them off as well. And so you just, you think about it yourself. Is God convicting you? If you have a conviction, don’t do it. If you don’t feel like doing it, don’t do it. If you feel pressured, don’t do it, you know. And if you do it, well, don’t be condemned. It’s on you.