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HOW FAITH WORKS: Salvation and The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus

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Christianity is the only “religion” that sends a guarantee, a proof of purchase for salvation. The Holy Spirit is our assurance. There is absolutely no other way of salvation outside of the blood of Jesus. By way of the blood of Jesus, a believer with the revelation of its power will never suffer defeat in this life. All of the promises for Christian triumphs and victories laid out in scripture come as a result of the blood of Jesus. If anyone gets this understanding of the power of the blood of Jesus, they will see why they will live forever and how nothing can overtake them. Christ in you is the only hope of glory.


Adam was created in the image of God with eternal life abiding in him. After the fall, by partaking of the forbidden fruit, he lost his image and died a spiritual death. Spiritual death is separation from God. Adam was no longer one with God. Adam and Eve bore children and in Genesis chapter five we read that Seth was created in the image of Adam, not God. The image of Adam is with a fallen nature (dead to God). Leviticus 17:11 states that the life of all flesh is in the blood. This is proven by our DNA tests today. We also determine who the parents are, or who was at the murder scene in criminal investigations, by the blood samples. In Psalm 51 David wrote, “I was shaped in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me’. In other words, he was born a sinner with the sinful nature.


Isaiah prophesied in chapter 7 that, “a virgin will conceive and bring forth a child and He shall be called Immanuel which implies “God with us.” Artificial insemination was taking place over 2,000 years ago when God, as it says in the gospel of Luke, overshadowed the virgin. God with His own sperm, supernaturally impregnated the virgin Mary. The male sperm is what produces the blood. The difference between Jesus and any other person who ever lived on planet earth is that Jesus has the life of God in Him, whereas all the rest of us had the life of Adam. Romans 5: 12, 14 says, “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned….nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those who had not sinned according to the likeness of the transgression of Adam.” Notice, death is still inevitable even if one practices the best of morals because it’s not his act of sin that will deny him eternal life, it is the life of Adam within an individual. The life of Adam is dead to God.


Jesus spoke to Nicodemus saying, “you must be born again.” Born again means you must have the life of Adam replaced with the life of Christ. The life of Christ is alive to and one with God. Jesus is God incarnate, yet because God used His own life in the fertilization of Mary’s egg, this makes Jesus the Son of God. When John the Baptist was baptizing at the river Jordan, the heavens opened up and a voice spoke from heaven saying, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” God never said that about Hari Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad, the Unitarians, Scientology, Sun Yong Moon or anybody who claims to be a way or the way of salvation. Jesus is the Lamb of God which means the sacrifice who is able and the only person qualified to take away the sin of the world. Every and any other sacrifice is tainted by the fall of Adam and is not perfect. God knew from the foundation of the world that he would have to come in human form and be a propitiation for the sin of mankind in order to redeem and reconcile us back to Him. He so loved the world……..


Some 2,000 years ago Jesus hung on a cross at Calvary. All of the sins of humanity were placed upon Him. He died and suffered the penalty for all of our sins. He was bruised for our iniquities and wounded for our transgressions. He went to hell for us, but He had prophesied saying, “tear this temple down and in three days I will raise it back up.” He was the perfect sacrifice because He passed the tests of temptations to sin and the life of God was flowing through His veins. The sin of murder, homosexuality, bestiality, child abuse, lying, gossiping, stealing etc. were all upon Him as He hung on that cross. The sicknesses of AIDS, sickle cell anemia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, asthma etc. were all upon Him. The consequences of poverty were all upon Him. But God can’t die, it was the life of God that was in Jesus’ blood that sustained Him through the torment. After withstanding this for three days, preaching to the spirits in prison, He rose again with all power in His hands having overcome sickness, death, hell and the grave. Revelation 12:11 says, “and we overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.”


When we place our faith in the sacrificial blood atonement of Jesus Christ, we live forever also. No weapon formed against us shall prosper because of the power of the blood of Jesus. Sickness has to go from our body because of the blood. When we receive Christ as our savior, His life comes in to replace the old life of Adam, resulting in everlasting life.



I am covered by the blood of Jesus. I loose the blood of Jesus to be a hedge of protection around the perimeter of my boundaries, my shelter, transportation, finances and my person. Because of the blood of Jesus I am forgiven of all my trespasses and healed of any sickness, germs, virus or diseases. Because of the blood of Jesus, I have been redeemed from the curse of the law and any family curses laced against my bloodline. I have total victory and I triumph over all things because of the blood of Jesus. Now Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you. It is written, I have overcome you by the blood of Jesus and I serve you notice that you have lost the battle in my life. God, I thank You now for this wonderfully, incredible rescue mission that you have performed by the giving of Your only begotten Son– that I would not perish but have everlasting life. I confess Jesus as Lord over my life. I believe in my heart that He is risen from the dead and according to Your word, I am saved. Thank You Jesus.


Pastor Anthony E. Blackman


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Are You Really Saved?

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Are you really saved? Now that’s the question. Are you really saved? Now
some people walk down the aisle, they shook the preacher’s hand, or they
joined the church or they got water baptized and they just thought that was
all there was to it, but are you really saved? Did you really give your
heart to God? Did you really make him Lord over your life? I know you might
have confessed, Romans chapter 10 verse 9, you confess with your mouth, the
Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead
you shall be saved, and that’s good. But are you really saved? Did you
really give your life to him? Is he really Lord or is money Lord? The way
you feel Lord? Is time Lord? Because sometimes people say “well I don’t
feel like it, or I’ve got to do this because the motivation here is money
and not the will of God, or I just don’t have the time.”

Anything that supersedes God, those things might be the lord, God or master
over your life, and not Jesus Lord himself. You see that’s why I’m asking
now, are you really saved? Because Matthew 7:21 says that not everyone who
says to me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. But them that do
the will of my father. He said on that day many will come saying Lord did I
not prophesize in your name? You can prophesize, you can be in church, you
can sing in the choir and do a song and dance, take the Holy Communion and
everything else, and you still might miss it. Because they praise him with
their mouth and honor him with their lips but their hearts are far from
him. So the question is, are you really saved? Did you really give your
life to him? Is he the one the dictates your every move? Are you casting
down imaginations and arguments? Are you being obedient to the word of God,
and the will of God? Do you really trust God with your life or do you just
God for Cadillacs, Mercedes and Gucci bags and all these fancy clothes and
all these St. John’s and stuff you’re wearing today and your bling, bling?
Are you trusting God with your life?

No matter how you have to live, no matter what it looks like, are you
trusting God with your life? It’s like Lord whatever you want to do with
me, have me, have your way, let your will be done. However I have to live,
wherever I have to go, doesn’t matter. Lord God whatever I have to drive, I
trust you with my life. See that’s when God really has your heart. He’s
first in your life when he really has your heart. When you really give your
life to him you won’t be in that category, in Matthew chapter 7 I was
quoting, many will say did I not prophesize, and have chicken dinners and
french fries and car washes? I’m just paraphrasing. Did we not do all these
things in your name? But he said, but I will say to you on that day, did
part from me you worked yourself iniquity, I never knew you. You never had
an intimate personal relationship with me. That’s what I’m talking about.
So are you really saved? Are you really saved?

How Faith Works: Protecting Our Children

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In this life today, our children, especially teenagers and young adults are at a greater risk of being shot in a ‘drive by, kidnapped and raped, contacting a life threatening, sexually transmitted disease, or suffering some other demonic attack, then it was over some thirty years ago. For parents and loved ones of these children, the application of God’s word has never been more demanding. We can’t follow our children and grandchildren around to guard and prevent their every step from disaster, but we can put our faith in God’s word. The object of our faith is the word of God. Matthew 16:19 tells us that “whatsoever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatsoever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”. Bind means stop, loose implies to allow. First of all we can loose the blood of Jesus to be a hedge of protection around the perimeter of their boundaries, over their transportation, shelter, finances and person. The blood will serve as a shield and defense against any entry or influence of evil.


Although we might have instilled sound moral judgment in our children, they still have to grow up. Devastation can happen to any innocent bystander. Our children can teach abstinence better than most, yet one moment of temptation can transmit the aids virus. As parents we have “Word” to stand on for their protection. Job 22:30 says, “He will deliver one who is not innocent by the purity of your hands”. We have angels. Ministering seraphim go forth and do the bidding on our behalf (Heb. 1:14). They will minister to our children while they work, sleep, or play. Our responsibility is to pray in agreement with God’s word and thank Him that our children are receiving divine guidance and are resisting the leadings of the evil one. We also have the anointed cherubim. Cherubim are guardian angels in whom we can trust are guarding and protecting our children in the same way the blood of Jesus protects. Psalm 34:7 says, “the  angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them”. Lastly, there are warring archangels who will fight for our children. Satan wants our children and has no other purpose then to offset the plan of God for their lives and set them up for destruction. We have the tools. We have the arsenal. We have the victory through the blood of Jesus and the Word of God. We only have to execute  by faith. When we pray according to God’s will we have to know He hears us, and that we have the petitions granted. We also have to know that it is done and we are not to waver by worrying as to whether it works or not. God watches His word to perform it.



God, I commit my children/grandchildren to You. I pray that You would move by Your spirit for their protection. I trust You at Your word in that the angel of the Lord encamps about my child, guarding and protecting him/her from any hurt, harm or danger. I thank You in that Your anointed seraphim are ministering to my children all the days of their lives, and Your Holy Spirit is ministering to them as well. I declare that they have a heart that is sensitive to Your voice, and the voice of a stranger they shall not follow.  I declare that my children know the unctions and impressions that You place upon their heart and are obedient to them. I set myself in agreement with Your Word and I loose the blood of Jesus upon them now, wherever they are and in whatever they are doing.  I submit to You and declare that my children are happy, healthy and will live a long life and be satisfied. My children are mighty men and women of valor. They shall serve You all the days of their lives and are positive influences in the lives of all they come in contact with. They lead their peers and not follow, walking the path of righteousness for Your name’s sake. Now devil, I bind you and render you helpless in the name and by the blood of Jesus. Devil, I serve you notice, you have lost the battle with my children because of the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.

God, I thank You now for the victory and for always causing us to triumph through Christ Jesus, and in His name I pray, Amen!


Pastor Anthony E. Blackman


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How Faith Works: Settling Your Emotions

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You will keep him at perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You (Is. 26:3). In order to stabilize our emotions and not worry ourselves sick or allow vexation of spirit, one must exercise and apply God’s remedy. God’s remedy is His word. The Proverbs tells us that, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” If we think angry thoughts, we’ll be angry. If we think evil thoughts, we’ll be evil. If we think hateful thoughts, we’ll be hateful. As we put our trust in God’s word and use the application, we’ll find ourselves never allowing our emotions to dictate our lives. When we find ourselves entertaining evil thoughts or fearing the worst to come, we do what 2Cor. 10: 5 says, and cast down the imaginations, arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the word of God, hold it captive and punish every disobedient thought.

Nothing works without faith. The object of our faith is God’s word. Philippians 4:6,7 says, “be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7) and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” That is so encouraging. We can actually allow God’s peace to guard our minds and hearts like an umpire. Like an umpire refers to playing baseball. When the ball crosses the plate, it’s either a ball or a strike. God’s peace guards our emotions and immediately calls it. We can live this life and never worry. We can live this life and be in total control of our emotions by not allowing daily occurrences to influence our thinking. The word tells us to set our minds on the things above, things that are true, just and praiseworthy, anything of virtue, pure etcetera, meditate on these things. Watch how you think.

Psalms 1 says, “ if we meditate on God’s word day and night, we will be like trees planted by the rivers of water, we will bear fruit in our season, our leaves won’t wither and whatsoever we do will prosper.” This implies we will not be moved by circumstances. Our emotions will be steady and stable. Jesus likened us to a man who built his house on a rock with a solid foundation when we use God’s word to live. The winds of adversity can beat vehemently against our house, but it won’t topple over. We’ll stand strong through it all.

This lifestyle must become a habit. Every believer must begin and continue being cognizant of their thoughts because if not, their thoughts will be leading them. This is a good reason for depression, ulcers, violent behavior, physical abuse, drug abuse, marital fights and so on. If the thoughts aren’t controlled, the emotions will win the battle for everything.


I have the mind of Christ. I have a peace that surpasses all understanding, a joy that is inexpressible and full of glory, and a love that is unconditional. I am like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water, be it evil or the worst, I shall not be moved. Because I keep my mind stayed on God and His word, I am always at perfect peace. My emotions are controlled by the Spirit of God and not even myself. I have the most stable emotions and nothing shall ever get the best of me. My surprise factor is zero. People like being around me because of the peace I exude. Thank You Lord for all You’ve done in my mind and heart. I give You glory, praise and honor in the matchless name of Jesus.

Pastor Anthony E. Blackman

My Apologies For The Audio On Debate With Muslim Leader

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To all those who tuned in or tried to receive the broadcast of the debate with ‘The Son of Man”, and did not get quality audio, please accept my apology. There were technical difficulties occurring on the last minute before the broadcast. When I host future events like these, my intent will be to assure you of quality audio and video.  -A.E.B.

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The New Nation of Islam got wind of Anthony E. Blackmans’ post on “Where Black Muslims Missed It” and want to discuss it in further detail.

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How Faith Works: Content Being Single

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With the divorce rates amongst Christians escalating, more and more are finding themselves single once again. In many churches there are more singles than we have married. First of all either married or single, every believer has to work the word of God in order to maintain peace and joy through their times of adversity. Having the proper perspective is vital to living a successful single life. A love for God, a love for worship, a love towards pleasing God through obedience are some determining character traits of an individual ready to live the single life. In 1Corinthians chapter 7, the apostle Paul stated that it would be better for the unmarried to remain as he was (single), unless you can’t control your sexual passions (paraphrasing). A single Christian that is devoted to God has more time to spend tending to spiritual matters. A single Christian can take as long as he/she wants at home reading, praying, worshipping, and not be concerned about their spouse– whether or not there are domestic needs that require attention. A single Christian can serve in ministry freely and not have to hear a spouse complain about not getting enough attention.


Most of us are familiar with the word in Ecclesiastes 4:9 that says, “Two are better than one,” yes, but the word in Isaiah 54:5 says, “For your Maker (God) is your husband.” He can comfort us in our beds all alone. He is a companion like none other. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He is the bread of life and as we partake of Him, we hunger for nothing. He satisfies and fills every space where partners in marriage can never occupy.


Some singles just want someone to go to the movies with or for a simple dinner occasionally. This is where faith must be exercised. When singles delight themselves in the Lord, He gives them the desires of their heart. It is well understood to have the desire for a physical companion. Those desires will manifest as that single individual continues to walk in confidence, not desperate for a mate, never compromising their integrity. God will surround them with the right people and He will be a shield for their protection. God won’t let anybody or anything hurt a single person who has demonstrated steadfastness, immovability and chasteness towards God. God loves you and wants you to be happy. You’re His ace in a society of married believers who can be inconsistent, unfaithful and unreliable towards God’s work. God loves you and has a jealous love for you. He really doesn’t want anybody to possess the quality time you have established with Him, yet He still wants you happy.


If you’re single, pray with me now:


Father, I pray that You would continue to strengthen me with might in my inner man. I thank You for the ability to walk upright before You and to be pleasing in all my ways. I thank You in that You’ve taught me how to be abased and how to abound, for I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I pray that You would only allow the right people in my life– people who love You and have no hidden agendas. I thank You for men and women who are good for me and not a detriment.


Now, I declare that I am a strong committed man/woman of God and am perfectly content with You and You alone. I declare that my light shines and helps others to know You better. I declare that I am chaste, wholesome, a vessel of ministry and a vehicle of blessing. I declare that I am warm with You on the cold nights. You are my additional hands when I need help and I agree with You for us two touching, for all my needs to be met. Your joy that is inexpressible and full of glory fills my heart and Your joy is and always will be my strength, in Jesus’ name. I thank You Lord for my wonderful single life.


Pastor Anthony E. Blackman

Declare who YOU are!

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God told us who we are, and sometimes people let their uncles tell them,
their neighborhood, their environment and all the people that are raised up
around school teachers and coaches and so forth would place images and
stigmas and plagues attached to people and they go around their life
listening to that and hearing that and that’s what they see themselves, or
what image they see themselves in, but we need to see ourselves in an image
that God told us we are.

If you’re going through anything today, just hear what I’m about to share
with you. Let me tell you who God said you are. You are a chosen
generation. You’re a holy nation, you’re God’s own special treasure. You’re
peculiar people. You’re brought from darkness to God’s marvelous light.
He loves you and he cares for you. You are blessed coming in, you’re
blessed going out, your food, your drink, your kneading bowl, your basket,
the fruit in your womb and everything you set your hand to.

God has commanded by blessing up on it, and this is what you want to tell
yourself, that you are the head only and not the tail, you’re above only
and not beneath. And so you don’t have to listen to anymore to what uncle
said or sister said or somebody else telling you. Because a lot of people
don’t know who they are, but in the word of God, he told us who we are.
He’s given us exceedingly great and precious promises whereby we can be
come partakers of the divine nature, and you triumph over all things
through Christ Jesus, we are the victor and not the victim, the victory
that caused us to overcome the world as our fate, we overcame the Devil by
the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

You are a champion. You are a king and a priest, you are more than a
conqueror, and God loves you, and we love him because he first loved us,
and I just want to submit to you in this hour. A man’s appetite is
satisfied by the fruit of his mouth and with the increase of his lips he is
filled, and you have what you say, so whatsoever you desire when you pray,
you believe, you receive it and you shall have it, and you praise the Lord,
and you thank God no matter what. If it looks bad, if it looks good, it
doesn’t matter, you just keep praising God and thanking him because he
loves you and he cares for you, and you just decree, decree a thing as Job
22:28 says, “And it’ll be established for you and the light of God’s favor
shall shine upon your ways.”

So you just be encouraged. The next time you feel bad, you feel
demoralized or discouraged about something, you just start talking to
yourself, you say, ‘No, no, no. I’m a champion; I’m a king and a priest.
I’m more than a conqueror. I’m the victor and I’m not the victim. I’m
God’s own special treasure,’ and those are things you tell yourself,
because your satisfied by the food of your mouth. And with the increase of
your lips, you are filled, it is awesome to know who you are in God’s eyes.
You’re blessed with faithful Abraham, you have the abundance of increase
in favor, you are highly favored in the sight of God. So you take that to
heart, and the next time the Devil tries to speak to you or anything
opposite or what I’m sharing with you, you just tell him what thus said the
Lord, in Jesus’ name.

How Faith Works: Dealing With Devils

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Many Christians give so much credit to the devil. They use terms such as, “the devil’s busy” or they speak of him as if he has so much power over them. In Luke 10:19 Jesus gave us the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over “all” the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us. In Mark 16:17 He said, “these signs shall follow those who believe, in My name they will cast out devils…”.  Revelation 12:11, “we overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony”.

The first thing believers must do is examine themselves and see if there is anything ungodly in their life. Ungodly activities can attract demonic forces. Demonic forces will trace bloodlines of individuals who once dabbled in darkness. They will follow artifacts that were once worshipped or sacrificed to idols. Parents need to watch what their children are bringing to their bedrooms and posting on walls or even the music they are playing. All of these aforementioned and many others can be avenues used by demons to infiltrate a bloodline, a home, business or even a church.

After cleaning house, do some renouncing of things you know are wrong and expel the forces of evil out of your life, home, children, marriage, money and so forth. Then loose the blood of Jesus as a hedge of protection around the perimeter of your boundaries, on your transportation, shelter, finances and person. Stand in your home and bind the forces of evil and command them to flee. Get specific if necessary regarding children and loved ones,  if the same adversities keep occurring and you’ve pin-pointed what it is. In Matthew 16: 19 Jesus said, “I give to you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever you bind (stop) on earth will be bound (stopped) in heaven. And whatsoever you loose (allow) on earth will be loosed (allowed) in heaven.” The word of God also tells us to submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee. James 4:7

We have the power, not Satan. Satan is a master at deception, his most lethal weapon is deception. As a matter of fact, that’s all he can do. If the devil had any power,  he would have destroyed us all– long before we found Christ.  Satan had to ask God for permission to sift Peter. God allowed Satan to do whatever he wanted to Job, however, God told him specifically that he just couldn’t take his life. God is in control, not Satan. The devil only has as much power as you give him. We win! We triumph over all things through Christ. The devil is really afraid that the saints might realize how much authority they have over him, so he deceives them.


Satan, I take authority over you and all of your activity in my life, my family, my money and everything I set my hand to. I bind you and render you helpless, in the name and by the blood of Jesus. I curse the seed and the root of any generational curses in my bloodline and declare that I have been redeemed from the curse of the law and reverse any curse that has lodged itself in my life. I declare that the angelic hosts encamp about me and mine, guarding and protecting us from any hurt, harm or danger, or any entry or influence of evil. I loose the power of God over my family and my body, my prosperity and over my mind. I renounce all forms of evil in my life and declare today that I worship God in the beauty of holiness and give glory due His name. Satan you lost, the blood of Jesus is against you. Now Lord I thank you for the victory in my life over all principalities and powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus.

Pastor Anthony E. Blackman

Guest Appearance on BlogTalkRadio show “Every Man Standing In His Place”

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Tune In This Thursday, February 2nd at 7:30pm (PST) 10:30pm (EST) to listen to Anthony E. Blackman speak on the book “Blacks From A Biblical Perspective”.

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How Faith Works In Tribulations

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The word of God calls our ‘wilderness experiences’ a time of testing and trials. Although the term and experience of trials have a negative connotation, they are actually a character building exercise. God only wants us to trust Him through it all. The children of Israel were in the wilderness for forty years, yet Jesus had a wilderness experience for forty days. What differentiated Jesus experience from the Israelites was Jesus used the word at every challenge; whereas, the children of Israel couldn’t progress any further due to their unbelief. At every interval, Jesus said, “it is written.” He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, yet He came out of the wilderness in the “power” of the Spirit. (Luke 4:1, 14)

God allows the winds of adversity to blow in our lives to shape mold and fashion us into His image and His likeness. For example, you can’t pray and receive patience. Patience must be exercised to develop it. We have our fruit to holiness, but our fruit is not all developed yet. In order to be quick to demonstrate love, peace, self-control, forgiveness, God allows predicaments to force us to either trust Him, or never graduate to another level of Christ- likeness.

Everything God does is because He loves us and wants us to experience the fullness of His grace. It is a wonderful experience to be able to walk above the raging seas of life. As the winds beat vehemently against our houses (lives), we stand like trees planted by the rivers of water, utterly impervious.

The next generation of the children of Israel had not known any of the wars, neither were they tested in the fashion of their forefathers. God brought them into the Promised Land and immediately tested them. It was so they could learn to trust Him, and win over the challenges to come.

We must exercise the fruit of the Spirit in order to grow. Spouses, children, church members, supervisors etc., all help us grow when we allow our garden to be cultivated. No tree enjoys the pruning of winter, yet come spring, it produces a bigger harvest than before. I’ve always said, “the problem is not the problem, we are.” Whether we live or die, spouses can be contrary, money can be short, what we wish would change never does, then what! If after twenty years you’re still bothered by the thing, it is proof that you are the problem and you need more Christ in you, the only hope of glory. (Col. 1:27)

A good way to prepare and prevail in trials is by declaring God’s word over our lives.


I have a peace that surpasses all understanding. I have joy inexpressible and full of glory. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am a chosen generation, a holy nation, brought from darkness to His marvelous light. I am His special treasure. I triumph over all things through Christ Jesus. Enemies come one way but they must flee seven ways. I am blessed and highly favored. No weapon formed against me will ever prosper and the tongues that rise up against me in judgment, I condemn and declare them lies.

James said, “Rejoice when trials come.” Rejoice means throw a party. Hold your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care, because these trials produce character. No cross, no crown! So the next time you find yourself “goin through”– say, “God you’re making a BAD man/woman out of me.” Only trust Him. If God be for us, who would dare be against us…………..peace

Pastor Anthony E. Blackman

Why Blacks Commit Suicide

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On one of my recent quick hitters, I was talking about why blacks commit
suicide, and I was primarily just getting into the fact that, that hasn’t
been happening all the while. That’s some stuff that’s just been happening
recently the last 25, 35 or so years.

And I know that Proverbs Chapter 3 around verse 31 says, whichever, 30, 31,
33 or whatever, says, ‘Envy not the oppressor and choose not of his ways’.
And, you know, maybe because some blacks have seen some other people do it,
and so they gravitate towards that as the only way out. But, you know, I’d
like to make a reference to Ezekiel Chapter 16 where it says that, He’s
speaking, God is speaking to His people saying, ‘Your birth and your
nativity is from the land of Canaan. Your mother was an Amorite and your
father a Hittite’. And what I’m getting at here, is, you know, we’re just
talking about how that, you know, it’s 80% of characters in the cannon of
the scripture were of African descent. And Canaan and Ham, those were all
African folks, y’all.

Anyway, again, so, He has said, you know, they were the ones who were left
out in the open field. They had to fend for themselves. You just find all
that in Ezekiel Chapter 16. They had to fend for themselves. No one washed
them, nobody watered them, they didn’t have anything on their own. And it
just kind of makes me parallel that with how the blacks were coming, were
taken against their will, shackled hand and foot, stacked on top of one
another, put on these ships, crossed the hot ocean six, seven, eight months
and they’re on the ship. And they had to just defecate and urinate and
everything else on one another. And if people got sick they just threw them
overboard, and some of the, I’m telling you, some of the worst things have
taken place in the lives of these people. And they come over to the United
States of America and some of the things they contended with.

But that scripture in Ezekiel Chapter 16, God said, ‘I put it in your
blood, I spoke it in your blood to live.’ In other words, you don’t die,
you don’t give up. It’s in your blood to live. And so they went through
these hundreds of years of slavery and so forth, and in all the torment and
torture and the things black people have contended with. Yet they’re still
here today. Rising up in every occasion, in the political arena, in
athletics, in science, in medicine, in every venue, in every avenue and
aspect of life you can imagine, they’re still here rising. Because God
said, ‘I spoke it in your blood.’ Live, live. You don’t die, you don’t
quit. You don’t hang yourself. We don’t kill ourself because somebody
leaves us. We don’t kill ourself because we can’t pay a phone bill. We
don’t kill yourself because times get so hard. Do you know what your
forefathers went through? Do you know what’s in your blood? God said it in
your blood, Live. That’s what we got to do. Live.

How Faith Works in Marriage

by Admin

Marriage is the most highly honored institution there is in the sight of God. God invented it, and ordained it. God, who also instructs us to live by daily application of His word, tells us how to live successfully in any of life’s capacities. Two out of every three Christian marriages are ending in divorce. This statistic is a sad commentary on Christendom. One of the primary reasons for such failure is that believers join in “holy matrimony”, and have zero knowledge of or submission to the Holy One.

Let’s start with the man. If husbands loved their wives as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25) the number of victorious marriages would be staggering. But how can a man love his wife this way if he doesn’t even know Christ? Does the man “ever” go to church to listen and be taught the word of God? Does he meditate day and night (Ps. 1:2, Joshua 1:8) on the word to experience any form of success? Last but not least, does he apply the principles of the canon of scripture to his conflicts or differences between himself and his spouse?

In order to love as Christ loved the church, the man must first recognize his position, responsibility and authority. The man is the head of the union. He is also responsible and has to give the account for this union. Due to this position, God also gave man the authority to pray and change whatever conditions he’s experiencing in his marriage that are contrary to love, peace and harmony, and make things right.

Here’s the comparison– Christ and the church, husband and wife. Does Jesus fight with us? Does Jesus try to win arguments with us? Does Jesus condemn us? Does Jesus compete with us? Does Jesus put us down and refuse to talk to us? Does He turn His back on us and walk out? Does He lie to us? Jesus is faithful to His word. Jesus loves us unconditionally. Jesus is the head of the body and cares for us, which is our example of how a man should love and care for his wife. When she argues and complains, Jesus listens to us and helps us in ways most suitable for our progress. Jesus knows who He is, therefore He doesn’t have to compete, argue, fuss or fight us. In the same manner, the husband has to have this understanding. Even when things don’t go the way the husband thinks they should, man has to be strong and dependent enough on God’s grace to sustain him and help him through it.

The wife is the weaker vessel, not mentally or spiritually, but simply in authority. She was created to be a helpmate. Much of her frustration comes from being with a man who won’t lead and has no vision or goals. She only wants to help, not take over. He’s the plug, she’s the socket. If he plugs in, the whole world comes on (lights, oven, stereo, television, intimacy, sex, meals, etc), happy wife, happy life. The woman has no problem submitting to domestic causes when she can trust that he is faithful to his word. Note: submission has nothing to do with oppression or male dominance either.

Both parties must make it their ambition and goal to press after Christ. Jesus is at the apex of the wedge, while the husband and wife are both at opposite sides of the bottom (like a pyramid). As they press and spend their days in pursuit of Christ– seeking Him, worshipping Him, obeying Him, serving Him, they will both find themselves closer to each other, for the gap between the two shortens. If the husband’s goal is money while hers is Christ, it won’t work. If her pursuit is companionship and security, while his goal is sex, it won’t work. Jesus has to be the center focal point in every Christian marriage in order to experience the full benefits of holy matrimony.

In conclusion: The ultimate faith is trusting God with your “Life”. In trusting God with your life, you’re utilizing daily application of His word for every emotion, scenario, disagreement, facet or aspect of marital living. It’s a wonderful life when we do it His way.

Pastor Anthony E. Blackman