How To Pray

by Admin

Prayer is a form of communication to God. There are several types of prayer. The prayer of intercession, supplications, requests, thanksgiving, praise, worship, and praying in the spirit. The prayer that is most desired to learn is supplications and requests. Let’s talk about it. First one must understand that according Jeremiah 1:12, God watches His word to perform it. This implies you must pray according to His word, which is also His will. 1John 5:14 says that “if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us, and if He hears us we have the petition granted”. So in brief, find verses that pertain to your situation and make your request known to God because He watches His word to perform it. If it is in His will, you can rest assure that He wants to deliver. The next aspect on your part is faith. Without faith it is impossible please God. After knowing that your request is in His will, believe you receive it and you will have it. That’s faith. Don’t go away hoping or wondering if He’s coming through, know that you have it. Even if the mortgage lender, the auto dealer, the pocket book, the doctor’s diagnosis all says no, don’t be moved. That’s faith. Faith is not dictated by carnal senses. Faith is setting yourself in agreement with God’s word and nothing else. If you believe you received your petition, keep thanking God until it manifest.