Was That The Anointing Or Just Man?

by Admin

Many of our churches today are so steeped in the traditions of old, that they’ve settled and excused hooping, hollering, music assisted preaching for the anointing. Not all but many! I’ve sat through services by invitation to anniversaries or attended funerals and observed several attendants standing up, cheering the minister on when it was only entertainment. It could’ve been inspiration for some but even inspiration is of no use when you need a word for instruction at a crossroad. When a song, a sermon or a speaker or singer is anointed, it ministers to your spirit. It destroys yokes and removes burdens. It preserves you for the long haul. The anointing will bring about conviction when a word is spoken regarding error in your life. The anointing makes your ears and heart attentive to what God is doing. The anointing leaves a lasting impression. When a service is truly anointed by the spirit of God, sometimes the people are under holy ghost arrest and can’t even go to sleep. It’s the anointing that opens spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear. On the other hand when it’s just man, nothing happens. That man is doing all the work and wearing himself/herself out. When it’s man, he has to think. When it’s the anointing, you don’t even have to think. You’re in a zone and the spirit of God is prompting and feeding you. It was sad sitting for three hours, watching all the dynamics take place. The people were spent and nothing happened. They might as well had gone to the gym and worked out. Know the difference! The anointing is the manifested presence of God.


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