Is This Really Your Year?

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Is this really your year? Well, where I’m coming from is so many times people, you know, 2007 is going to be like heaven. You hear all these things, 2008’s going to be great, 2009’s going to be fine. You know every year from the change over from December 31st at midnight to January 1st, people have you thinking, “Oh, this is my year.” You might go to church for the whole month of January. You keep hearing talk about this is your year.

But let me just tell you something, the scripture says that Jesus, he was anointed to preach the gospel to the poor, heal the broken hearts, set at liberty them that are held captive, and to preach the favorable year of the Lord. The favorable year of the Lord began two thousand years ago. You know, the year of jubilee back in the old testament, was after every fifty years everything you lost, you get back. You know, all your debts are canceled and so forth. But you see when Jesus came, he became the year of the Lord, it was like our jubilee. We’ve been living our jubilee now for over two thousand years.

This is your year, it’s what you make out of it. You’ve got to take the word of faith and apply it to your live, take the word and apply it to your life and watch how every year works. There are no bad years when you’re a child of the king. Every year is a good year. There’s no bad day if you just claim it’s a good day. It’s a wonderful life. He came to give us life and to have it more abundantly. It doesn’t matter what year it is, you make it your year. And sometimes they say, well this is your year, God’s getting ready to bless you, getting ready to do this for you and hook you up and take care of you, come on.

But what about the fornicators in there? What about the scripture that says, you know, he will not withhold any good thing from them that walk upright before him, you know, maybe you have to walk upright. Sometimes there’s contingencies you have to apply. Scriptures say if you be willing and obedient you will eat the good of the lamb. You have to be willing and obedient.

It’s not just your year because it’s 2011, going to be great, 2000 whatever, 19, going to be fine. I don’t know, you come up with your own rhyme for that. But it doesn’t matter what year it is. We’re in the year of the Lord, we’ve been in it for 2000 years. You make it happen.

So, don’t let somebody bamboozle you with all these great sounding things as soon as we cross into the next year, telling you how great your life’s getting ready to be, and then go back and look, has it been all that great when they just tell you it’s gonna be so great because of the year? Because we changed over into another year? And numbers have significance, I’m not knocking that, there’s a number, there’s a significance for every number. It has a great meaning. However, you still must apply the word of God to your life, that’s the balance I’m trying to get across to you now. You’ve got to have some balance.

So, don’t just think just because 2008’s going to be great, 9’s going to be fine, 2010 we have to win, we’ve been winning ever since we put our faith in the sacrificial blood atonement of Jesus. We’ve been on top and rising, we’re the head, not the tail. Above only, not beneath. We’re the victor and not the victim. We’re more than conquerors, we’re champions, we’re kings and priests. This is your year right now, and forever more.