Who Said You Can’t Legislate Faith?

by Admin

Who said you can’t legislate faith? Then what does a nation’s founders base their constitutions on? Every principle we live by is in accordance to what we believe. Go to a predominately Muslim nation and try to oppose their faith and see what will happen. Our great nation, the United States of America, was founded on Christian principles. A plethora of references were made toward the canon of scripture (the holy bible) as our constitution was being formed. The problem with our nation today is that we’ve veered away from kingdom influence and have allowed the dictates of the flesh and secular humanism to dominate the thoughts of our public. We took the reading of the bible out of the schools. That’s one reason our children don’t have the same respect or convictions that were prevalent in the 50’s and beyond. Remember when there was such an uproar when Rhett Butler, played by Clark Gable said, “ frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”? That was because the moral fabric was under attack by using what was termed profane and inappropriate for display on the big screen. Turn on the television today, even during prime, family time, you’ll see and hear everything ungodly under the sun. We took God out of the picture. We need to live by the faith wherewith this country was legislated. Christianity. When our leaders begin approving of same sex marriage we’re in trouble. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Even some ministers of the gospel have been so desensitized that they are ok with it as well. Our schools hardly ever say the pledge of allegiance anymore before class. No wonder there’s no loyalty or respect for our country by many youth today. Why would there be litigation regarding prayer at commencement exercises in our high schools and universities? Shouldn’t the students and faculty want a prayerful covering as they venture into new domains of life? Since we took God out of our government in general in the early 60’s, we’ve seen the high school dropout rate increase. We’ve seen teenage pregnancy increase. Abortion is skyrocketing yearly to nearly or over 3 million babies annually. Crime and murder is the norm on our evening news channels. This is what happens when a country denies and neglects the faith it was founded by. The reason for any of the positive numbers today in the aforementioned ills are due to some true believers, some great nonprofit organizations and a few real ministers and parents who either homeschooled or are diligent in the rearing of their children. It sure isn’t because of anything our government officials are mandating for change. Who said you can’t legislate faith? Non-belief is a faith. Evolution is a faith. The various religious beliefs are faiths. Homosexuality, fornication, adultery, profanity, robbery, senseless murder, gangster rap lyrics, death metal, pornography, incest, disobedience to parents, even stupidity is a faith. It’s all done contingent on what they believe. America needs to get back to its core faith, Christianity. Who said you can’t legislate faith? What the heck do we live by then? Help us Jesus!


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