Is Homosexuality A Sin?

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Is homosexuality is a sin? Yes, it is. We were all born sinners, all were
born, we were all born shaped in iniquity. After Adam and Eve fell, he took
on a sin nature, that’s the bottom line. He took on the sin nature. Romans
chapter 5 tells us that through one man’s sin enter the world and death by
sin, death passed upon all men because all have sin. That proves we were
all born sinners.

Homosexuality is just a sin that people chose to do, so you can’t come up
with this and tell me I was born this way. I’m just a woman in a man’s body
or vice versa. You were born a sinner, that’s all it is and people need to
be fessing up and just telling the truth. Sin is sin, that’s what it is. I
don’t care if your president says it’s OK or your pope said or whatever,
your preacher says it’s OK. Whoever it is, the word of God says it’s a sin.

God created the man and the woman here, male and a female, he created them
to subdue, to dominate, to multiply and replenish the earth and that’s how
you do it. You can’t do it with two men together and two women together,
and the only kind of same sex is heterosexual marriage. That’s the only
type of marriage we should be propagating and promoting anyway.
Homosexuality is just a perverted, debased thinking. It’s just a wicked,
perverted mind saying that it’s OK for me to have this imagination of me
being with another man or a woman being with another woman. It’s just a
sin, and you need to repent.

You talk about do homosexuals and gays have rights? You have a right to
repent. A right to repent because that’s a sin. I’m telling you now, trust
me. When you stand before God, you’re going to be seeing my face telling
you it’s a sin and that’s what it is. You need to repent and to ask God to
forgive you, and you need to just cast down those imaginations and all
those thoughts of being with them. It don’t matter if you get all mushy and
warm and fuzzy with another man or another woman. That don’t mean you go
all the way with them. That don’t mean you go and have sex with them and
then want to marry them. What some kind of debased thinking we have today.
That’s a reprobate mind. That’s a sin. That’s what it is.

It’s like you chose to do crack, you chose to do alcohol, you chose to
cuss, you chose to gossip, you chose to be a whatever it is, you choose all
these things here. You’re not born a certain way. You’re not born a crack
head. You’re not born a gossip. You’re born a sinner. That’s what it is.
You’re born a sinner and homosexuality is one of those sins you chose and
you need to repent of that sin as well. You need to ask God to deliver you,
wash and cleanse you, that’s what you do and then serve God. No way you can
know the true and living God. He loves you, he don’t love the sin though.
He loves us all, but he does not love our sin, all right?

There’s no way you can know the true and living God, worship him, honor
him, adore him, and know him personally and intimately and think it’s OK,
because the holy spirit of God will convict you of that sin. It is not
right. So, I’m just here to tell you, and maybe we’ll come back and do part
two on this one.