Can You Marry After Divorce?

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Can you marry after divorce? Sure, you can. You just need to check your
motives, though. If you marry somebody because you’ve been cheating and
playing around on the side and committing adultery, the Bible says, “No,
that’s not right” because you just marry somebody for that sake – wrong

All right, but God wants you happy. The first marriage didn’t work out, he
was cursing you out and beating on you and blowing all the money on drugs
and alcohol and lying to you. You couldn’t trust him to be faithful, and
then you got a divorce. Be happy, find you the right person. Or you had a
wife and she was doing the same things to you. God wants you happy, so yeah
God would want you to have that mate. So, yes, it’s OK to marry after
divorce. The only question would be, “What’s the motive?”

I know some scriptures make references that because if you’re married and
then you got a divorce, you’re not supposed to remarry, and sometimes
preachers hold people accountable to that, as if you can’t even marry all
over again. God forgives us of all of our sin. He forgives of all of our
defects and flaws. He forgives us of ignorances and everything else, and he
loves us and cares for us, so God wants you happy. He wants you to be able
to find the right mate. He wants you happy and so, yes, it’s OK to marry
after divorce. You need to let the past be in the past. Just don’t marry
for the sake of adultery, that’s the wrong motive.