Faith To Walk In Perfect Health

by Admin

So many Christians come to God out of desperation for healing. They wait until they’ve exhausted all doctors, remedies and resources. The suffering, pain and discomfort is now unbearable so, not in faith but out of desperation they hope God can deliver them. He can! No problem. Sometimes through laying on of hands, or working of miracles or gifts of healing by the spirit of God, one can receive a manifestation of healing. But that way often is analogous to driving a car for years and having never maintenanced it. It would be understandable as to why the axle broke, it sputtered constantly, it overheated, it wouldn’t go into reverse and the head gasket blew. It’s a great thing to be healed, but even better to walk in divine health. You have to know and declare daily that your body is the tabernacle of the living God. Any germs, sickness, virus or disease that touches your body must instantly die because you are covered by the blood of Jesus. You can’t say this one time only. This has to be a daily confession and standard procedure from your mind and heart. You must declare that you have been redeemed from the curse of sickness and by Jesus’ stripes you are healed. Agree with Matthew 8:17 in that, “He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses” and God sent His word and healed us. You must bind up sickness as soon as you see any resemblance of an attack on your body, in Jesus’ name. Tell the devil, he lost because of the blood of Jesus. Daily give God praise for He is Jehovah Rapha, the God that healeth thee. Never say, “I’m sick or I’m catching something or I got cancer, MS, the flu, asthma, leukemia or anything else”. Those are only the doctors’ diagnosis, not God’s. God said you’re healed. This is how you apply faith to walk in perfect health.

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