You Can Live Until You’re Satisfied

by Admin

Psalms 90: 10 says, “the days of our lives are three score (20 x 3) and ten, equaling 70 years and if by strength 80”. Psalms 91:16 says, “with long life I will satisfy you and show you My salvation’. Which one is right? Am I only expected to live to be 70 or 80? Or can I decide when I’m ready to leave this earth? Moses wrote the 90th Psalm, David wrote the 91st. Moses’ reference was to the children of Israel. Only those who were under 20 years of age when God declared judgment on the older ones would enter the Promised Land. So, if you were 30 years old when your wilderness experience began’, and they remained in the wilderness for 40 years, how old will you be? Answer, 70. If you started at 40 years of age you would end up at 80. That’s why Moses stated that. So many have taken the scripture out of context and cursed their length of days. David says that if you dwell in the secret place, remain in the presence of God and live a life circumspect (paraphrasing) before God, you will live a long life and be satisfied.

Yes, the body will get old and wear out as a result of the sin in the world, but we don’t have to die from diseases, violence or various disorders. If we live and walk by faith, honoring God’s word through daily application, we can determine when we want to leave. But “what if’’, what if”? Well let’s establish this, “the secret things belong to God”, yet we can determine our length of days. Don’t listen to the rhetoric about what your parents died from or what’s in your family bloodline. We’ve been redeemed from the family curses and the curse of the law. Have faith in God’s word concerning these matters and don’t be deceived into thinking you have inherited the same sickness. Jesus said, ‘when the Son of Man returns will He find faith on the earth”? if God’s people would only learn to truly walk by faith. Determine when you will be satisfied and begin decreeing God’s word daily over your life. You Can Live Until You’re Satisfied.


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