You Must Apply The Word

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You must apply the Word. Somebody else, another Christian couple’s
breaking up, and sister girl says, “Pastor, my husband knows a whole lot of
Scripture. He’s always quoting the Word.” And I hear it often where a
brother says, “My wife’s quoting the Word, and I don’t know why we can’t
make it.” Well, you’ve got to apply the Word. You must apply the Word.
Even a parrot can quote Scripture. You can just play it and a parrot can
hear it and hear it, or you can put a Memorex on for that matter. Anyone
can memorize Scripture, but that doesn’t help if you don’t apply the Word.
The application of the Word is what has to happen, so faith without works
is dead. You must apply the Word. So you can quote all the Scripture from
Genesis to the Revelation.

As a matter of fact, there are eight men in the Bible who can quote the
Word of God verbatim, but only one out of those eight men are saved. Why?
Because quoting it doesn’t mean anything. It makes you play the memory
game. You memorize. Some people pray, and they just spit out word after
word, Scripture after Scripture, and think they really did something. And
all they did was just scream and holler. They talked at God. They didn’t
talk to God. They weren’t making supplications and requests. They were
just speaking out a whole bunch of Scripture. That doesn’t add up to
anything. When people come to you and it seems like they’ve got a whole
lot of knowledge about the Word of God, just look at their life. Look at
their life, because that’s the determining factor as to whether they’re
really applying the Word.

They can quote all this Scripture and they’re broke. They quote all this
Scripture and they stay sick. They quote all this Scripture and we get all
gifts and so forth. Divorcing and carrying them. Quoting the Word,
teaching the Word, but come on, where’s the application of it? That’s
what’s so important. You’ve got to apply the Word to your life, because
somebody’s not applying the Word. You must apply the Word in order for it
to work. You can quote it, you can teach it, you can sing it, you can
preach it, but if you’re not applying it, it’s not going to work for you.
You have to apply the Word of God.