Jesus, The Apex of The Marital Wedge

by Admin

Draw a pyramid; place Jesus at the top, you on the left side bottom and your spouse on the right side bottom. Notice there is much distance between you and your spouse at the bottom. In a Christian marriage, Jesus is the central focal point. The husband’s plight in life should be a pursuit after Christ. The wife’s goal is to pursue Him as well. If they both go after Him before anything else, they will become closer and more at one as they reach their goal, which is the image and likeness of Christ. If the man’s purpose and pursuit is money, companionship or sex and yet she pursues Christ, they will not narrow the gap. If her focus is just having a man, or having more money or companionship, yet his pursuit is Christ, they will not accomplish the ideal benefits and blessing of a Christian marriage. Money is not always guaranteed, nor is sex or companionship, but Jesus will always be there. If they both go after Him, making it a daily priority and a determination to live by His word, they will experience holy matrimony in the way our Divine Designer intended it to be. Marriage is the most highly honored institution there is, in the sight of God. Oh, sorry I have to qualify this. I’m only referring to marriage between a man and a woman. It’s a wonderful life……..peace

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