Are You Really Saved?

by Admin


Are you really saved? Now that’s the question. Are you really saved? Now
some people walk down the aisle, they shook the preacher’s hand, or they
joined the church or they got water baptized and they just thought that was
all there was to it, but are you really saved? Did you really give your
heart to God? Did you really make him Lord over your life? I know you might
have confessed, Romans chapter 10 verse 9, you confess with your mouth, the
Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead
you shall be saved, and that’s good. But are you really saved? Did you
really give your life to him? Is he really Lord or is money Lord? The way
you feel Lord? Is time Lord? Because sometimes people say “well I don’t
feel like it, or I’ve got to do this because the motivation here is money
and not the will of God, or I just don’t have the time.”

Anything that supersedes God, those things might be the lord, God or master
over your life, and not Jesus Lord himself. You see that’s why I’m asking
now, are you really saved? Because Matthew 7:21 says that not everyone who
says to me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. But them that do
the will of my father. He said on that day many will come saying Lord did I
not prophesize in your name? You can prophesize, you can be in church, you
can sing in the choir and do a song and dance, take the Holy Communion and
everything else, and you still might miss it. Because they praise him with
their mouth and honor him with their lips but their hearts are far from
him. So the question is, are you really saved? Did you really give your
life to him? Is he the one the dictates your every move? Are you casting
down imaginations and arguments? Are you being obedient to the word of God,
and the will of God? Do you really trust God with your life or do you just
God for Cadillacs, Mercedes and Gucci bags and all these fancy clothes and
all these St. John’s and stuff you’re wearing today and your bling, bling?
Are you trusting God with your life?

No matter how you have to live, no matter what it looks like, are you
trusting God with your life? It’s like Lord whatever you want to do with
me, have me, have your way, let your will be done. However I have to live,
wherever I have to go, doesn’t matter. Lord God whatever I have to drive, I
trust you with my life. See that’s when God really has your heart. He’s
first in your life when he really has your heart. When you really give your
life to him you won’t be in that category, in Matthew chapter 7 I was
quoting, many will say did I not prophesize, and have chicken dinners and
french fries and car washes? I’m just paraphrasing. Did we not do all these
things in your name? But he said, but I will say to you on that day, did
part from me you worked yourself iniquity, I never knew you. You never had
an intimate personal relationship with me. That’s what I’m talking about.
So are you really saved? Are you really saved?