Not In Love Anymore?

by Admin

They were once so in love. They committed to each other for the rest of their lives. A few years passed and now one of them drops the bomb and says, ‘I’m not in love with you anymore”. How did it get to this point? As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The vows were exactly what they were. You vowed to love, honor and cherish til’ death do you part. But along the journey you allowed thoughts of dislike, hurt and mistreatment to bombard your emotions. You gave in to imaginations and arguments of how much you despise this person now and asked, “Why didn’t I see this before I committed”. The answer is, you quit working at loving and caring. It only takes a moment to fall in love, but to remain in love, it requires a steady determination. We often let the novelty wear off and get use to our mate and get distracted from the moments of loving, caressing, caring and constant communication. If you’re not in love anymore, stir yourself up, call your mate to the table and say, let’s make this work”. Love is a choice. Choose to love your mate and not allow those ugly thoughts to preoccupy your mind. If you can’t get back in love, you never loved the person unconditionally. Say a prayer together, it works. Now work it!

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