Siphoning Everything Through Your Mess

by Admin

Have you ever talked to someone and knew that you were absolutely clear with your wording and yet they didn’t get it? You probably left saying, “my goodness, what’s wrong with him/her, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to understand”! I call it “siphoning through mess”. They siphon everything through the mess they’ve endured in life. They often cannot understand because they look at everything through their hurts, pains, disappointments and shortfalls. For example, a reference was made to many Christians who need healing but really just have an overeating habit and a bad diet. One individual was offended because she said her dad used to always call her fat. Because of her past, she was never objective to the subject of obesity, is always offended when the reference is made, so she could never receive and be corrected. She siphons it all through her past. Another person could not receive a prophecy or a word of wisdom in a church service without feeling singled out and picked on. How ridiculous! Who wouldn’t want to hear a word from God by the gifts of the spirit pertaining to their future? This individual has always been insecure, which makes the most defensive person. They listen with the thought of you trying to criticize them, although your motive is only to help. It’s called siphoning through mess. Let God heal your past. Leave it behind. Some people really love you but you make it hard for them to talk to you. The devil is the enemy. Your brother, sister or friend are for you.


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