Obama’s Statement and Desensitized Christians

by Admin

President Obama, a Christian, recently had an opportunity to denounce same sex marriage from his global pulpit, but he compromised. The word of God says not to cause the weaker believers or babies to stumble. Sin is a reproach to any nation. While Christians are praying for our nation, our president’s position perpetuated further abominations. But that’s not the worst issue. Many believers are so desensitized or infatuated that they excuse and justify a leader’s erroneous stance. You can’t justify a wrong.

When a believer is lead by preference rather than convictions, failure is inevitable because obedience is better than sacrifice. The evil one (satan) is subliminally desensitizing hearts and minds by the constant advertisements and televising of sexual seduction during prime time. The ongoing promoting of homosexual lifestyles on radio, television and Internet, not to mention such profane language used all over the airways. Desensitization comes through constant violence through media sources and sooner or later it has become more acceptable. Christians cannot allow themselves to be deceived and so easily accepting of the promotion of sin and abominations. It doesn’t matter who says or does it. Sin is sin! Wrong is wrong! If you are a Christian athlete, politician, businessman or artist, you can’t separate your faith from your occupation. We serve God 24/7.


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