The Word of Faith Does Work

by Admin




Word of faith does work. We went through those charismatic revivals of the
70’s and we seen a lot of, the word of faith being propagated back then.
There was a whole lot of, well you can call it a movement if you want to,
but it was a new revelation. People were beginning to understand what the
scripture was pertaining to, when we talk about the word of faith. A lot
of people, I cut my teeth on the word of faith in the 80’s and it was a
hard time coming through, where they were knocking those who name it and
claim it, gab it, grab it, confess it, possess it. But I’m here to tell you
it’s been working now for quite some time for everybody who’s ever tried

Romans 10:8 said it’s the word of faith which we preach, and then that’s
the same way you get saved is the same way you must live. The things you
confess with your mouth, you believe it in your heart, because you have
what you say. A lot of people say they have a cold, they’ve got the flu,
they are sick, or it’s flu season, or it’s allergy season, you have what
you say. See that’s not faith right there, well that’s not faith in God’s
word. Because when you have faith in God’s word you call things that be not
as though they were, and that’s the word of faith. That proverbs chapter
18 tells us that the, it says that man’s appetite is satisfied by the fruit
of his mouth, and with the increase of his lips he is filled, for the power
of life and death is in the tongue. Yes, you have what you say and you are
snared by the words of your mouth.

So I’m here to tell you the word of faith does work and a lot of people
have nothing and try to put it down, and talk about that naming, claiming,
and gab it, grab it bunch. But that name it, claim it, gab it, grab it
bunch are walking in divine help, they are prospering like never before.
And all those who gravitate towards the word of faith, they can see that it
is working in their life. Because you do have what you say, and so you got,
the things you say you’ve got to believe you receive and you shall have it.
Whenever you pray for something, believe you’ll receive it, and don’t go
back saying what the doctor said, doctors say I have this, and the doctors
say I have that, all you can say is, well, the doctors have diagnosed me as
having but I’m not going around telling everybody I’m sick, or I’ve got

This is how the word of faith works. So they might have diagnosed you of
having cancer or leukemia, or something, however, you say by Jesus Christ I
am healed. It doesn’t matter whether you is. You might sneeze in the
spring time and somebody says, you’re allergies are acting up, you don’t go
and agree with that, you just say no, I’m catching a healing right now, for
he himself took my sickness and boar my infirmities. See the word of
faith works like this, what God said, we believe it. Nowhere in the bible
did God say you’re sick, nowhere in the bible did God say there’s a flu
season, or allergy season, nowhere in the bible. The word of faith works.
So declare you are prosperous, declare you are protected, declare you have
the mind of Christ, and declare you’re not, all these great things. Just
declare the promises of God, and that’s the word of faith, and the word of
faith does work.