Don’t Blow Your Credibility

by Admin


You can’t blow your credibility, that’s all you have. People are gonna look
at you and listen to you and that’s a power of influence, once you lose
that, nobody’s listening to you anymore. When you go to the court of law
and you have to stand up there and give some kind of account, the
prosecutor or the defense attorney is gonna track your history. They’re
gonna look at your record and see if there were some areas where you were
lying, where you stole, where you done something wrong. Because it’s all an
attack on your credibility. If your credibility is shot already, nobody’s
gonna believe you. You can’t prove to anybody that you’re true to whatever
you were contending for. It’s the same with the Word of God. You can’t be
hanging out at night clubs on Friday night and then up there leading praise
and worship on Sunday morning. You gotta be careful as to how the world
looks at you. Even though there might not be anything wrong with it, you
can’t laugh at certain jokes around people, because they’ll just shoot your

Now if the Devil lies and uses people to lie on you, that’s another thing.
That will get taken care of. You don’t want to cause any problems yourself
to where you lose your credibility where nobody will listen to you. You
have no voice anymore, no influence anymore. Once you lose your influence
and your credibility, nobody wants to listen to you anymore. You’ve lied,
you’ve already been late eight times, they realize you’re not punctual,
you’ve lost your credibility. You’re unreliable, you’re always making
excused, you’re always procrastinating, you’ve lost your credibility. You
cannot afford to blow your credibility. It is vitally important that you’re
a man or woman of your word. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Your
integrity is vital to the influence that you have in people’s lives so I’m
here to tell you, “Don’t shoot your credibility.”

Don’t do the crazy, rebellious, stupid thing. Don’t cause babies to
stumble. Don’t cause the world to look at you with that shifty eye as if,
“I don’t know about this guy.” And you’re a Christian, and you’re one of
those who might be an usher or a deacon, you might be a ministry gift, you
might sing in the choir, it doesn’t matter what level or where you operate,
you might be a door keeper in the House of God. When people come in there
and they see that you’re somebody who just jipped the auto mechanic out of
some money or you just burned somebody down there at the Home Depot, or
you’ve done something wrong and the whole public knows about it, you’ve
blown your credibility and you’re not a good witness. It’s important that
you maintain a proper level of integrity and credibility. Don’t blow your