The Good Life

by Admin

God has prearranged and made ready for us to live “the good life” (Eph. 2:10 amp). The good life is granted to us by faith. It is a life that we can live by exacting the blessing of Abraham.  Them that are of faith are blessed with Abraham. It is a life we can have by keeping the proper perspective. It is a life that was purchased for us by the blood of Jesus. In order to live the good life, you must do away with “drama kings and queens” in your life. Drama kings and queens are men and women who are messy and always have issues with baby daddies or mamas. They can’t manage their time and will drain you of yours. Rise up and sit on your balcony or patio in the morning taking in the fresh rising sun. Have a cup of white tea with honey, sip it slowly, enjoy it as you listen to your worship music on your Bose system. Invite a cool person to lunch at a nice restaurant. Order something you always wanted. Order off the left side of the menu only, don’t worry about the cost, have some money. On hot days be sure to use your air conditioner. God didn’t bless you with that nice house to sit and be miserably hot in it. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t bother answering the phone. Go sit by the marina, think nice thoughts, thank God for His awesome creation. Are you over fifty? Play the Delfonics or the Dramatics in your car stereo as you cruise around your city streets on a Sunday afternoon, after having gone to church and had dinner. A butter pecan ice cream cone might just hit the spot right now. It’s a wonderful life. Enjoy it!


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