Are You A Threat To The Devil?

by Admin



Are you a threat to the devil? That’s the question. Just like the
rattlesnake slivers his little cowardly self up to the eagle’s nest, he
goes after the baby eagle. He won’t mess with the full-grown one because he
knows that the full-grown eagle is the snake’s worst nemesis. Same way the
kingdom of darkness works. The devil goes after the babies. So many baby
Christians come after being saved, a couple of months or a couple of years,
they come wondering why they’re being harassed so much or why there is so
much going on in their life. They’ve got confusion, no peace, chaos
everywhere. I would tell them just like I would tell you, you’re a threat,
that’s what’s happening. The devil knows if you grow up, you’re going to
crush his head. That’s what’s going to happen. If you grow in the grace and
knowledge of God and keep standing on the word of God, you’re going to be a
big threat to that kingdom of darkness.

So what does he try to do? He comes after you when you’re just a baby. He
tries to discourage you, demoralize you, kick you out of the game, destroy
you, send you back to drugs and alcohol, illness, and everything immoral.
He wants to send you back to that life so that you won’t be of any effect
to the kingdom of God. That’s the reason that you are a threat. That’s an
opportunity. You need to praise God. If the devil is not messing with you,
if he doesn’t have any concern about you, that means you’re not doing

If there are any of you who the devil is not bothering, if there is never a
challenge of anything in your life, you get everything handed to you
easily, it’s probably because you’re not doing anything. You need to get on
your horse. We throw some jabs out there, we’re going to get some jabs
thrown back at us. Understand, you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness.
That’s why they are after you, all the demons and hobgoblins are coming
after you. All you have to do is stand strong, keep on growing, because we
win. We triumph over all things through Christ Jesus. The devil lost. Let
that rascal know, ‘The blood of Jesus is against you, you have no
authority, you have no power.’ God has given us the authority to trample
upon serpents, scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing
shall by any means hurt us. We are the kings, we are the champions. We’re
more than conquerors. We’re on top and rising. We’re the people of God and
we win.

You let that rascal know the next time he comes up against you, trying to
mess with you, trying to harass you, trying to drive you back to your
worldly ways of doing things, let him know, ‘Devil, I’ve given my life to
the Lord Jesus. I’m serving God. I resist you, I submit to God, therefore
it is written you must flee right now,’ or bind him in the name of Jesus.
The reason, again, you are a threat to the devil. If he’s not bothering
you, you might not be a threat.

You want to ask yourself that question: Are you a threat to the devil?