Talent vs Character

by Admin

A just weight is the Lord’s delight, but an improper balance is an abomination (Prov. 11:1). With all of the motivational speaking seminars, the self help books and constant emphasis on excellence, you would think this generation would know what is required to secure a prosperous life. Still many will only become playground legends. Some of the world’s best artists, athletes and skillful users of their natural abilities are unemployed, on welfare, bankrupt, on drugs or even in penitentiary. What a waste! Society is deprived once again of experiencing some of God’s overwhelmingly and most enjoyable earthly blessings. People forget that the game is to be played off the field as well as on the field. Entertainers forget that the stage is their life. Talent brings people to plateaus they could never have dreamed of, but lack of character won’t sustain them. Prosperity ruins a fool, yet wealth and riches are stored up for the just. The benefits would be so much greater if parents spent as much energy developing the young little leaguer and junior football player’s character on and off the field, instead of only priding their child for scoring touchdowns. Can he read, can he write, is he good at colloquialisms, switching from culture slangs to standard English? Does he start each response with “I mean”, “like” or “you know”? Does he say “my bad” instead of excuse me? Does he wear his pants below the butt? Does he use profanity around everyone, anywhere? Does everyone know he uses drugs? If so, this person might score more touchdowns, shoot like Kobe and perform like Michael Jackson, his character won’t sustain him because his off the court game is far below the expected standard for superstar success level. Employers and professional entities consider character as a priority when deciding who makes the cut or gets hired. Great talent with great character is a unanimous choice.


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