Fundamentals Are Essential

by Admin

Whether sports, academics, arts or life itself, having solid fundamentals are essential to doing well and being victorious. Baseball players field grounders, fly balls and practice batting every day. They work on the fundamental techniques that assure them of the ability to defense every ball that’s hit their way and to always get good hits while at bat. When players don’t have good sound fundamentals, they make costly errors and fall into hitting slumps and can’t find their way out. In life some basic fundamentals are reading, writing and arithmetic. Without a good foundation in these areas one can have a difficult time succeeding. Many artists of various sorts are naturally gifted, however, even in the arts some fundamentals are mandatory. For the Christian the basic fundamentals are the studying and meditation of the word and a constant prayer life. When believers meditate and study the word of God regularly, they load up arsenal for trials and challenges impending. They know what to do and how to respond to adversity. Know matter how hard the ground ball is hit, they stay in front of it. They squat, in case it takes a hard bounce it will hit their chest and instead of causing an error and giving extra bases, they can still throw the runner out. When a believer hears a bad health diagnosis from the doctor, they already know that ‘if God be for me, who can be against me”. They already have studied and declared daily that “by His stripes I am healed”. They already know that ‘He sent His word and healed me”. By practicing fundamentals, believers are prepared for the game of life, be it money, health, marriage, children or daily tools for productive living. Practice the fundamentals. Study and Pray. Fundamentals are Essential.


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