Can God Use A Thug?

by Admin




Now King David killed a bear and a lion so Goliath was nothing to him. He
said, ‘Who’s this big old uncircumcised stiff-necked rebellious
unregenerate Philistine?’ He told Goliath, ‘I’ll cut your head off. I’ll
feed it to the birds of the air.’ Saul, before he was the Apostle Paul, was
terrorizing the church, killing Christians. He’s the one who consented to
killing Stephen. Then God saved him and now he gave his life to serving
God. He sold out for God. You see, that’s what God wants to do with us.
Noah was a man who moved with fear to save his family. While the whole rest
of the world was going to hell in a hand basket he was saving his family,
making sure his sons and their families were all saved and on that ship.
That’s what God wants to do with us. He wants to take the same person that
you are and sanctify you for His good purpose.

Oftentimes a lot of brothers get saved and then they get soft and God can’t
use them. I come across these brothers, ‘Man, I’m from Compton, I’m from
LA, I’m from Chicago, I’m from Detroit. I’m from the ATL.’ I’ll say, ‘Well,
act like it. Why are you wimping out just because you don’t have a job? Why
are you crying and worrying about stuff? Why don’t you trust God with the
word that He’s given you and just man up, be bold, be strong the same way
you were in the world since you’re so bad, you’re from such a hot spot,
you’re from such a notorious neighborhood with such a reputation. Let God
use that same person.’ That’s what He wants to do. That same person you
were. You were out there just running things and you might even brag about
your life in the world. Now brag about the things of God. Brag about how
God uses you now for His glory, walking in integrity, standing firm,
holding fast your confession of faith, standing on the word of God. Doesn’t
matter whether they take the house, take the car, kick the dog, do
whatever, put you out, you’ve still got Jesus. That’s the kind of attitude
God wants you to have. No matter how many demons come at you let the devil
know the blood of Jesus is against you and don’t be one of those running
around talking about, ‘That devil’s busy. That devil’s so bad. That devil
got me going. He’s so busy in my life.’

Beloved, you need to let God sanctify you and use you the same way you
were. A lot of sisters I know used to be fighting on the playground in
elementary school and junior high and high school and then they get saved
and just be the biggest crybaby. ‘Come on, sister girl. Let God use that
same person you were. I heard you were tough out there. A lot of the
brothers were afraid of you you were so bad. Now you get saved you changed
up.’ That’s my submission to you right now: let God use you the way you
were. I like to just call them sometimes ‘sanctified thugs.’ God takes that
same person and and He’ll sanctify you for His good use, for His good
purpose. That’s what it’s about. Have that attitude you had on the
basketball court, slamming and dunking the ball on the football field,
tearing people’s heads off. Use that same attitude to advance the kingdom
of God. That’s how God wants to use you.