Neither Spouse Was Whole: Divorce Was Inevitable

by Admin

They both brought so much baggage into the union. She went to church but wasn’t really serious about the application of God’s word. He was only recently saved, and then they got married.

He spent a lot of his time with the fellows. Sports, gambling, dominoes, recreation and doing fun things were the objectives. He went to church but saw it as some religious thing he needed to do to get points from God and keep his wife happy. In private he dabbled on the Internet lusting after pornography. He never learned how to cast down imaginations, because he never took time to practice applying God’s word. He lived with his childhood issues and complexes, never seeming to overcome them.

She had been hurt in a previous relationship and often held her new husband hostage as a result thereof. She didn’t spend much time reading the word of God and building herself up either. She worked, went out periodically with the ladies, some of those ladies were single. She had her issues with weight, clothes, credit card abuse, money, her mother’s influence and more.

They never made it a daily habit to pray together and build their relationship on Christ. There were no attempts to keep God in the center of their individual lives, let alone as a couple. Growing in the grace and  knowledge God is imperative for a Christian couple to make it in this world today. They had no foundation to stand on. He was tempted by another woman. The wife was tired of him spending so much time away, either with the fellows or possibly with another woman. He became insecure about her time socializing at happy hours with the girls. He lost his job. Her mother became a nuisance. Wife gained 30 pounds and began drinking frequently. Husband’s now angry and causes tension in every discussion because his ability to provide is threatened.


This is a classic example of what happens when neither spouse works on the Christ in them, the only hope of glory. When the winds of adversity blow, everything falls apart. After a year of differences, hurts and misunderstandings, they got divorced. Wholeness is vital on both parts. Go to church first.

Both need to attend the same church and sit under the same influence. The stone that the builders rejected became the chief cornerstone. Too many Christian couples are failing in holy matrimony by eliminating the Holy One out of the equation. It doesn’t matter how or where we start, the important thing is to begin pressing after God to be conformed to His image and His likeness.  Neither Spouse Was Whole: Divorce Was Inevitable.


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