And You’re Not Even Married To Him?

by Admin

You’ve been dating him for a few years. You’ve had sex a thousand times. He’s cheated on you, mistreats you often enough, but you love him. He drives your car, sleeps in your home and seldom provides anything. Six years have passed, you’re still not married and fights over the same mess constantly occur. He brings the proverbial “make-up” flowers and box of chocolates and you’re so happy again. Sex tonight for sure, only to begin the same process all over again. Your emotions have suffered hell’s torment more times then you can keep count of. Everybody has told you he’s no good. You know it also, you just don’t want to admit to it because of some insecurity you have and the stronghold he has on you. You’re getting older my daughter and time waits for no one. How many more lies and suspicions of infidelity can you endure? How many more verbal or physical slaps can you endure? Is this the way you want to live your days on earth, in fear, miserable, hurting, worrying about some “no good” man? And you want prayer? God gave you common sense, knowing the difference between good and evil. And you’re not even married to him. Leave! God loves you and will take care of you.

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