How Do You Know You’re Called?

by Admin


How do you know your call? That’s the question here. How do you know your
call to ministry? Fivefold Ministry is what I’m talking about, Apostles,
prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. A lot of people go around
church or come to church and say, “Pastor, I’m called. I’ve got a calling
on my life.” Some of them just want to preach and some people think
they’re called because they might have had some kind of spiritual
experience or they got some knowledge of the word. That doesn’t mean you
are called. We are all supposed to study and show ourselves approved unto

How do you know you are called? There are some things that take place in a
true ministry. I always say some were called. Some were sent. Some just got
up and went and some should have rolled over and said, “baby was that you,
because it sure was not God.” When you are called, God anoints you. He
equips you. He prepares you for it all. There are some things that are true
call, a servant of God to fivefold ministry can take and can understand
that nobody else can do. They can’t understand it. Not only that, when you
truly called, the scripture tells us you have the authority to build people
up. Ephesians 11:4 tells us responsibility to equip the site for work of
ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Until we all come to the unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God
and so forth. If you think you are called are you always [inaudible
00:01:28] Are you building saints up? Is there a mandate on your life where
you don’t have any peace? You don’t rest. You’re not happy. Your not
content doing anything else? Are you really trying to help the ministry or
do you just want to toot your own horn just preaching? You can go out on
the streets. There are enough people on the streets that need to be saved.
I put my truck in a vacant parking lot and just started preaching in the
back of it. I don’t need nobody’s pulpit to preach. That’s what ministers
do. We just do. Like dog’s bark, cows moo, that’s what we do. We just do
what ministry [gifts] do. You don’t have to have any ordination or license.
You are going to do it anyway. It comes naturally. You’re running bible
studies. You are praying for people. You are anointed when you speak.

All the evidences are there. That’s how you know you are called. Not that
you got DD and ThD behind your name on your business card. And reverend
this and reverend that. It doesn’t mean a doggone thing. When you are
really called there is proof. There is proof behind your ministry. You see
it in the lives of people when you’re really called. This thing works. You
don’t get out of it when you are really called. Because you don’t have any
peace being out of it like the Apostle Paul said, Whoa is me if I don’t
preach the gospel. There’s no where else to go. This is what I was created
to do. It’s a mandate on my life the gifts and calling are irrevocable.
God’s not going to take it away. So how do you know you are called? Ask
yourself; are your running bible studies? Are you leading people to the
Lord? Are you preaching the gospel everywhere? Are you winning souls?
That’s what it’s all about. Do you have a heart and a passion to see
ministry go. To see people edified and built up and growing in the grace
and knowledge of God. Because that’s the heart of a true called servant of
God. So, I just wanted to lay that one before you. How do you know you are
called? These are just some of the things I would look for if you are truly