Vocation: Who Determines Your Limits

by Admin

It’s funny how in America and many other advanced nations, a person’s destiny can be assumed by their education level. We’re taught that if we do well in school we are almost promised a successful life. For many of us, academics are not our forte’. God has graced every one of us with innate gifts, skills and talents, and all of these are created for His glory. For the majority who will never complete a four-year education program, there is hope within. Can you draw, paint or sew? Can you do mechanic or body and fender work? Do you sell products and items easily? Can you write fluidly or do you have a speaker’s voice? There are several services to consider for helping your own self out. What is the thing you love to do, you do it freely and get the most pleasure from? Whatever it is just might be your vocation. Your vocation is what God created especially and specifically for you to do, for His glory. Everyone has a vocation. An occupation is what you do for a living. In your vocation there are no limits. Never let the high school SAT determine your limits. Never let people, even tutors, mentors or parents determine how far you can go. A little faith coupled with some determination will set you on the most joyful ride of your life. Find your vocation and the sky is the limit. Go for it!

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