Let Me Pray For You

by Admin


I just wanted to come on and pray for you right now. Some people are going
through marital problems, financial problems, people are having challenges
in their body, health, mentally, physically, and so forth, relationships,
having issues and difficulties there. I really just want to pray for you
right now. Set yourself in agreement with me right now, I’m going to pray.

God, I come in the name of Jesus. I commit my dear brother and sister to
you right now. I pray that you move by your spirit in their marriage, in
their marital relationship. I pray, Lord, that the husband would love the
wife as Christ loved the Church, and that the wife would submit herself to
the husband as unto the Lord, and that there be perfect peace and harmony
in that relationship in that they both communicate well to each other and
that they understand what is the will of the Almighty King of Kings. Lord,
I commit these marriages to you right now, and I pray peace and harmony in
every relationship.

God Almighty, for those that are suffering with incurable diseases, pain
and discomfort in their body, I take authority over pain and discomfort
right now and I command it to loose their body and let them go now in the
name and by the blood of Jesus. I declare healing. I command cancer, sickle
cell, multiple sclerosis, arterial lateral sclerosis, every disease, every
virus, every germ, every bit of sickness, I command it to go from the body
right now and I declare that by Jesus’ stripes, you are healed. He himself
took your sickness and bore your infirmity, and by His stripes you are
healed. God sent His word and healed you, and you are the healed of the
Lord walking in divine health all the days of your life.

God, I commit my brother and sister to you who are dealing with financial
adversities and shortcomings. Because they are cheerful givers and because
you love them, Lord God, You take care of the sparrow, the birds, that
neither sow nor reap nor gather, and you feed them, you clothe them, you
clothe the lilies of the field. How much more do you care for this here, my
brother and sister right now? I thank you that all their needs are being
met according to your riches and glory by Christ Jesus. I trust you in
this, Lord, and I ask according to your will, You hear me, and because you
hear me, they have the petition granted and I have the petition granted
that I’m asking right now.

Oh Lord, God Almighty, I pray your favor, the abundance of increase and
favor upon my brother and sister now. The favor and the blessing of Abraham
being the increase and the abundance of blessing upon my brother and sister
now, whereby they are steadfast and immovable always abounding in your

I trust, Lord God, that you move by your spirit and that you work to will
and do for your good pleasure in my brother and sister’s life right now. I
declare their bills are paid, their debts are cancelled, they owe no man
anything. I declare that they are happy, hilarious, ecstatic, and elated
about serving you, and that today and for evermore are the best days of
their lives. Positively monumental events are happening in their lives
every day.

Lord, I thank you that their children are blessed abundantly and that there
is perfect peace and harmony in every home. There is reconciliation in
every parent-child relationship now, in the name and by the blood of Jesus.

Now Devil, I serve you notice. I command you to loose God’s people and let
them go. You have no authority, you have no power. Loose them and let them
go. Loose their money, loose their marriages, loose their body, loose their
healing, loose their job, their transportation, their shelter. Loose them
and let them go in Jesus’ name.

God, let your power be made manifest now. I declare joy, inexpressible and
full of glory, a peace that surpasses all understanding guarding their
minds and their hearts by Christ Jesus. Thank you so very much for what
you’ve done and you’re about to do in my brother and sister’s life right
now. God Almighty, we give you glory, we give you praise, we give you honor
in the authority of the matchless name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

Now, just be in agreement there. Be in agreement, and if you know somebody
that is having their trials and challenges, just copy the link and email
it. Send it to their Facebook, tweet, however you work it. Send it to them
so that they can set themselves in agreement. It’s a simple prayer, just be
in agreement with me here. God hears the prayer. In Jesus’ name, be