You’re Infatuated, Call Off The Wedding

by Admin

So you think you’re ready to recite the vows, ’til death due you part’? Back up for a second! How long have you known this person, three months? Six months? Remember when you bought that new car or new suit or new living room set? You treasured it, you enjoyed having something new in your garage, closet or house. Months later you saw scratches on the car plus it needed some work done. A sprinkle of spaghetti sauce got on that suit lapel and friends came over and scotch guard couldn’t protect the furniture from the coffee. At this point the novelty is pretty much worn off. It’s no longer new and exciting. This is what happens in relationships. They are happy at first and begin thinking it’s love, when it’s only infatuation. Infatuation is being fooled into thinking you’re in love. Individuals must ask themselves, are you ready to live with this person for the rest of your life with multiple differences. You like him but he smokes like a train. She’s cute but so insecure and expects you to call her every hour to tell your whereabouts. He’s handsome and will work hard, but hates church, preachers and is negative about the things you love. She’s good in bed but can’t pay bills online, has a very limited vocabulary and is embarrassing around your fraternity friends. You saw how he frightens his kids from a previous relationship. He’s messy and sloppy. Her mom is waiting to move in with the first man her daughter gets. She kisses her dog on the lips. He’ s fat and not about to change his eating habits. He makes a lot of money and got you the cheapest ring in the store. She has Cheetos, chocolate and an empty soda can on the floor of her car. When you’re infatuated you are blinded to these dislikes and “compromise city” rules. When the novelty wears off, the blinders are removed. Now maybe after several months of courtship, decide if you are ready to love, cherish and honor this person through sickness, health, poverty, prosperity, in-laws, obesity, sweat, body odors etcetera for the rest of your life. If you can say yes to that and a thousand more differences, you’re in love. Be sure you can live with all the things you hate about him/her, if not, you’re infatuated, call off the wedding.

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