The True You…Love God, He Knows

by Admin

He knows you’ve been raped, molested, ostracized. He knows you’ve seen and know things you can’t tell anyone. He knows you have a complex about your weight, your lips, hair, complexion, hands, hips, butt. He knows you hide and drink secretly or visit porn sites frequently. He knows about your speech impediment. He knows how frustrated your spouse makes you and the thoughts you get about cheating. He knows how you lie to make people think more of you than what is true. He knows how you worry when you tell everybody you’re too blessed to be stressed. He knows how you really would like to just die, so you can be off the hook, but you act like you’re fighting. He knows all of your idiosyncrasies, insufficiencies and inadequacies. He knows and thank God He knows, for He is the only one who can sympathize with you, love truly and have mercy upon you. He’s awesome! Love God, He knows the true you.

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