Make A Decision And Be At Peace

by Admin

Should I leave or stay? The man, the woman, the job, etc? Should I do it or not? Should I hold my peace or say it? There are so many questions that plague us daily in our decision-making. Some of these questions have had us vacillating for years. Sometimes this indecisiveness can ruin years of our lives. Women stay with men who wreck the finances of the family through drug addictions. Some subject themselves to physical and constant verbal abuse. Some women allow the man to damage their children for life. It’s time to make a decision and be at peace. No more counseling is needed. Counseling over the same issue five times in five years calls for a decision. If the woman decides to stay, consider how life will be. If she decides to leave, consider how life will be and what it will take to live a better life. If a man is considering making a large investment and this idea has been in the works for years, it’s time to make a decision and be at peace with it. You’ll never know what would have become of your investment if you never concluded your thoughts and pursued the task. People live in total regret simply because they did not make a decision and be at peace with it. Life is too short to live it with regrets. Make your decision and be happy, it’s your choice. Oh, by the way, God didn’t put you in any mess, you chose that. You can pray, but the choice is yours, especially if you didn’t get a confirming word. Trust God with whatever your decision is and be at peace.


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