Trusting God With Your Life

by Admin


The ultimate faith is trusting God with your life. Not for stuff and
things, but with your life. That’s what it’s all about, and when we look in
that scripture, in Hebrews Chapter 11, the Hebrews hall of fame, there were
some great exploits taking place, and even in the word of God tells us be
not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your
mind. So let’s not take away the world things. In the world, in order to be
inducted into the hall of fame, you have to have more home runs, stolen
bases, strikeouts, touchdowns, rushing yards, and so forth. You have to
have all these exploits and accomplishments and achievements to win the
Grammy, to win the Oscars, and so forth. You have to have all these
monumental events have taken place right at your hand. However, in the
things of God, it’s trusting God with your life, because you’re not going
to necessarily always attain those status or receive those achievements and
accomplishments, but that you trust God with your life.

That’s why I love in Hebrews 11, around verses 34 or 35, after Samson and
David and Jephta going into the lion’s den and the lions then den eat
Daniel, and the Hebrew boys and the fiery furnace and Moses and all the
things that took place, and Abraham’s life, those were great things that
took place. However, around verses 35, 36, it says that then there were
others. So there were others in the hall of fame too, and it says they were
tortured, sawn into, not accepting deliverance. It said that they endured
trials, mockings, and scorging. They hung about, they lived in dens and
caves, and they wore goat skins and so forth. So they didn’t have three-
piece suits. They didn’t have a jet, they didn’t have limousines, they
didn’t have all the diamonds and jewelry and all that. They didn’t have the
best of everything, but they trusted God with their life. So that was their
testimony, and they were in the hall of fame also. That’s what we need to

The ultimate faith is trusting God with your life, not for stuff, not to
get over or out of a dilemma, but that you trust God, that you fight tooth
and nail to the very end trusting God with your life, or were you just
trusting for stuff all of your life. Don’t get the cart before the horse.
It’s trusting God with your life. So again, many did not attain to certain
statuses, however they’re in the Hebrew’s hall of fame because they trusted
God with their life, and that’s what we need to continue to know and