The Preacher Never Got Them Saved

by Admin

I’ve attended more than enough “home going celebrations” also known as funeral services. I’ve seen hundreds who never went to church and were not saved prior to coming to the service. After all of the aspects of the service were completed, the preacher talked about salvation but never gave a direct invitation to the people to give their life to Jesus. What a missed opportunity! Some people won’t ever go to church and hear any of the gospel except at a friend or loved one’s home going service. I make this appeal to every minister of the gospel who ever officiates the service of a deceased one. Please, have them repeat the confession of Romans 10:9, or have them stand up and boldly proclaim Jesus as their Lord or pray with you to receive Christ. Ministers must be bold and courageous; some of the attendants will never come to church again, will die and perish without Christ.

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