We’re Not Sinners

by Admin

Have you ever heard the statement, “we’re just sinners, saved by grace”?  To be scripturally correct, we ‘were’ sinners and we ‘were’ saved by grace. After having been born again, we became saints of the Most High God. We can’t be two extremes at the same time. Once the sinful Adamic nature is replaced with the holy nature of God, we are no longer sinners. Sinners sin because they have to, it’s their nature. Christians sin because they want to. Often they give in to the dictates of the flesh or their soul’s ambitions. However we now have a holy nature. You have whatever you say. If one keeps seeing and referring to him/herself as a sinner, they’ll probably keep living a life of sin. God never called us sinners after our salvation experience. When reading the Pauline epistles, he addressed his letters to the “saints at Corinth, the saints at Ephesus, the saints at Philippi and the saints at Colossae.”  It is not prideful nor arrogance to agree with what God called us, it is faith. God also called us a kingdom of priests, a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, a holy nation, His own special treasure, a peculiar people, brought from darkness into His marvelous light. Go Saints, We Win!

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