God Never Said…….

by Admin

God never said you’re sick, but He said ‘by His stripes you’re healed”. God never said, ‘it’s flu season and you need Nyquil. God never said, ‘it’s allergy season and you need Claritin. God never said you have a headache, a cold or a bad back. God never said you have diabetes. This is not denial, but it prohibits faith from working when you continue confessing it. Only say the doctors diagnosed me as having…God never said, “it’s a bad day ‘or stormy Monday, and your bed doesn’t have any wrong sides. God never said, “you’re broke”, “but let the poor say I am rich”. God never said, “you’re weak’, “but let the weak say I am strong’. God never said, “your kids are driving you nuts”, you’re letting them do it. God never said successful marriage has anything to do with astrological signs or compatibility; it’s a heart condition. God never said, “You’re not smart enough, strong enough, attractive enough”. God never said, “2008 was great, 2009 was fine or we win in 2010. Since the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus, we have been in the year of Jubilee (the favorable year). Every year is great in the Lord. God never said, “you have a bad heart, bad feet, bad teeth, bad gums, bad eyesight, bad kids or bad marriage”, so stop saying it. Agree with God’s word and not what “they” or the doctor says……….peace


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