Who Really Has Their Leaders’ Back?

by Admin

So many believers have told their pastors or ministry leaders, “I have your back”, implying I will protect you and help you advance our cause. The unfortunate thing is that this statement often only pertains to physical protection. There are a plethora of derogatory terms for a Christian, but one of the worst is “hypocrite”. It’s hypocritical for one to say I’m for the team, the department, or the ministry, then do things that make the whole organization suspect. Successful ministry or business requires a total team effort. Every player must be mindful of what they say or do at all times. When one has their leader’s back, their ministry’s back, their supervisor’s or their pastor’s back, everything they do will bring positive reflections. When we have our leader’s back, we all must represent to the utmost degree and level of excellence. If there is no excellence morally, verbally, financially, etcetera, that person can’t be trusted. One of the best things an employee can do for their supervisor is make them look good. If not, you get fired.


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