False Hopes and Itching Ears

by Admin


I just want to talk about the false hopes and itching ears. And when I
talking about false hopes, I’m primarily pertaining to a lot of messages
that give a lot of God’s people false hopes. You know, when you hear,
“God’s getting ready to bless you. This is your year. God is getting ready
to do this, he’s getting ready to do that and full of it,” a lot of those
messages are just a lot of false hopes, hot air.

The word of God says that if you be willing and obedient, you’ll find that
in Isaiah Chapter 1, willing and obedient you’ll eat the good of the lamb.
Psalm 84 says that: “He will not withhold any good thing from them that
walk upright before him.” So those are passages that let us know that
things are contingent, and if we just simply know that we are already
blessed with Abraham, we’re blessed and highly favored, them that be of
faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. Them that be of Jesus Christ are
the same as the children of Abraham.

So we’re already blessed, and when Jesus came, when the scripture refers to
the favorable year of the Lord, we’re in the favorable year. We’re in the
Year of Jubilee. So we don’t have to come up with rhymes every year. 2008
is going to be great. 2009, like what was wrong with the previous year?
There’s nothing wrong with any of the years. A number doesn’t determine,
and I’m not saying God can’t give you a word at the beginning of the year.
But a lot of times, people use that as if now things are getting ready to
happen. But if you just walk by faith and just trust God at his word, you
can stand and know that his promise is a yea and amen anyway.

So he has you covered. He has your back. We are in the Year of Jubilee, the
Year of the Lord. Today is your day. Tomorrow is your day. This year is
your year. Next year is your year. So you don’t have to be having the
itching ears for these swelling messages. Everybody’s waving their
handkerchiefs and cheering the message on. As of now, it’s getting ready to
happen because they said it.

God already said it. It’s already in the cannon of scriptures. Just trust
him at his word. We already have the blessing. He’s with us. He’s for us.
Who would dare be against us?

Today is your day. Tomorrow is your day. This year is your year. Last year
was your year. Just trust God. What about faith? You’ll see everything come
to pass in your life.

So watch out for the false hopes and the itching ears.