Why Do Folks Change After Marriage?

by Admin

Don’t ask me! But I will suggest that we must continue to love and encourage one another. Often times a spouse will have unrealistic expectations of the other. This is a set-up for utter disappointment. We fall in love and think nothing but the best thoughts of each other, then the novelty wears off. For any marriage to be successful, the partners must allow their spouse to be free to express themselves. Your home is the one place where all is well to do. When a spouse walks on eggshells attempting to ask a question or raise a topic it is apparent that some judgment, condemnation or correcting has been prevalent. You’re married! Let your spouse say what they want, and how they best can express it. You weren’t Mr. and Ms. Corrector while dating, what makes anyone think they need to change their spouse after years of marriage. Don’t expect your spouse to do what’s not in their make-up to do. Never condemn or discourage, only encourage. Communication is so much smoother when spouses learn to adapt, adjust and consider the other before his or herself. Wives often try to make their husbands be like them and vice-versa. It won’t work. In this case I submit, as the Isley Brothers sang, “Hello It’s Me……..Don’t Change, Don’t Change”


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