Naked Spouses

by Admin

Can your spouse be naked with you? Can he or she share secrets or serious personal issues without feeling ashamed? In Genesis 2:25, Adam and Eve were naked and were not ashamed. This is God’s ideal situation for marriage. Many spouses hold their loved one’s past against them instead of helping to heal or treat it. Everyone comes with a degree of baggage, but there is no greater level of liberty than to be able to be naked and open without reservation. God said, “Judge not, lest you be judged”. No one has a right to condemn a person for their lot in life. This is one reason for the escalating cases of adultery. Everyone wants to be free to share and not have to hold back for fear of judgment. Usually the person on the outside is willing to listen and understand where the spouse at home has made judgmental accusations. If spouses have to walk as if on eggshells at home of all places, that relationship is in trouble. Hebrews 4:13 says, “All things are naked and open before Him to whom we must give account”. One reason for our intimacy with God is because He knows all about us, doesn’t judge us, and yet still loves us unconditionally. Marriage becomes much more intimate when spouses allow each other to be naked and open, and still appreciated. Accept your spouses’ flaws. Let them be themselves freely without being “spouse conscious”.

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