What Makes A Prayer Request

by Admin

People sure can be mean, vicious and evil; especially Christians. Only God knows the motive on an individual’s heart. Every man thinks he’s right in his own eyes until proven erroneous. When a believer disagrees with something said, one shouldn’t label the person in any derogatory term. Just consider him/her a prayer request. That’s how Christians handle differences. Either go to the person and ask to share to give better understanding or just intercede for them. We all have different views and degrees of revelation on various subjects. We also only know in part (1Cor. 13), nobody has a full grasp on the entirety of God’s word, in particular. Mankind in general uses only 2 to 5 percent of his mental capacity. It is stated that Einstein, a genius, was known to use only 7 to 10 percent of his mental capacity. Some of us don’t use any, lol. Anyway, the next time you disagree or have a difference with a brother or sister in Christ, consider it a prayer request. God will either change you, them or He’ll change the situation. I’ve noticed some of my blogs got people going nuts. Pray for your brother, I need Jesus bad.  Aint nothin’ that deep…………..peace

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