Gender Discrimination: Holiness Is Not Partial

by Admin

If a Christian woman is physically fit enough to wear a two piece bathing suit, minus the excess body fat, she’s deserves an applause. Legalistic folks condemn this attire.  My first thought is, what do you wear at the beach then, an overcoat? Often women are judged regarding holiness, yet there is not the same standard for men. Why is a women judged for her bathing suit and nobody says anything about the man and his “speedos”? Why is a woman considered a Jezebel for wearing make-up, fancy shoes and fitted attire, when the man looks like  “Mack–Daddy” with his pinstripes, alligators, polished nails, slicked hair and bling bling? Women’s problems of watching soap operas and reading romance novels are microscopic in comparison to men and pornography. She’s sometimes not considered a good mother when she wants to leave the kids with grandma and go out, but where is Dad. They wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery as if she was the only one at fault. Rahab is infamous for being a harlot, but harlotry ceases to exist without whoremongers. So many women feel so bad, defeated and discouraged about their weight, yet there’s gross obesity in the men from preacher to the doorkeeper, having no conviction whatsoever about their own lack of discipline. Women have their “pms” thing monthly. What is it that the men have? Some brothers really be trippin’, anytime of the month. This is simply an observation. Just sayin……….

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