When Fathers Play Catch

by Admin

The little things are often the most meaningful in parental relationships, especially among fathers and their sons. The few times on the bank or pier casting the fishing lines in the water, will never be forgotten in a young man’s life. The time under the hood of his first car, showing him where the fuel filter or spark plugs were, only took a minute but lasted a lifetime. Sometime men wait for a big day or some big event to take their son to, but to a young boy, the event doesn’t matter. All that matters is, Dad was with me. A slurpee, an ice cream cone, a soda after baseball practice makes for creating the best of memories. Grown men today still starve for a father. Field of Dreams was a classic. Kevin Costner’s character’s biggest longing was simply to play catch with his Dad. Fathers, get out the old gloves, loosen up and play catch. A great investment takes place, when fathers play catch.

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